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    So Sorry I posted this in the wrong forum originally!

    Current Increase in NACA Mortgage Rate??

    The NACA website clearly says that the current Mortgage Rate is 4.0% for a 30 year mortgage. My NACA consultant is stating that the rate has not changed from 3.6% and that the 4.0% may be for a different area, but as for Houston, it is still 3.6%. That is a big difference and I just need clarification. This information was also given at a recent workshop even when the rates rose to 3.8% (Per the website).

    NACA Purchase Calculator Accurate??

    The maximum purchase price for a single family on the NACA calculator for Houston area (zip code 77002) shows to be 250K; however, the Houston NACA location is stating that the maximum is 236K. I made the reference once again to the NACA website and was told otherwise.

    It can’t be this difficult to confirm basic information. ANY HELP IS APPRECIATED!


    Hello HoustonNacaProud,

    There are two possibilities where your first question is concerned:

    Have you signed a Purchase and Sales Agreement on a home? If so your rate is locked in on the day you submit the P&S to your counselor.

    The other possibility (though less likely) is based on the fact that at any given time BOA and Citi’s rates may differ slightly. When that happens, the higher of the two rates is the one you see on our website. (That big a difference between the two is unlikely though.)

    The regional maximum acquisition cost for the Houston area is $236,355. Many regional limits have changed over the past few months, and adjusting it on the website may have been overlooked. Please ask your counselor to notify our webmaster so it can be changed.

    Tim Trumble
    Online Operations, NACA


    Thank you for your swift response. I, unfortunately, am not locked in at the former rate. I totally understand.

    If the Regional Maximum Acquisition Cost for a SF is 236K, then I am positive that the duplex rate for a MF is definitely not 305K like I hoped. Can you confirm?


    Two family: $302,574
    Three family: $365,747
    Four family: $454,543


    Thank you. I have found that this website is more current and up to date with the regional maximum acquisition costs than the primary site.


    I have updated my counselor with this information so that he may contact the webmaster.

    You rock!

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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