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    -4/6/19 Attended Workshop
    -8/26/19 Initial Intake- cancelled due to family emergency
    -10/21/19 Called to get new appt. Scheduled for 12/5/19
    -12/5/19 Inital in-person converted to Remote session. Action Plan provided to with amount MRF and Payment Shock
    -12/10/19 Uploaded documents requested
    -1/25/20 Assigned to new counselor
    2/1/20 Assigned a 3rd counselor ??‍♀️

    Pandemic Hits
    3/19/20 File sent to Underwriting
    3/26/20 Conditions come back 1 being the VOE. Now here’s where we have a breakdown. ST of MD employees are teleworking so no one is mannig the fax
    4/17/20 Finally get in touch with HR to complete form and sent back to underwriting
    4/23/20- 5/5/20 go back and forth with underwriting.
    5/6/20 qualified
    5/19/20 Put in contract (after being outbid on 2 previous properties)
    5/29/20 Contract ratified
    5/31/20 Inspection completed and uploaded
    6/3/20-6/20/20 Called multiple contractors for bid for rehab work
    6/7/20 Sent to Credit Access
    6/15/20 Credit Access Approved
    6/16/20 Mortgage Process
    6/24/20 Bid and repair list submitted to HAND (which had to close for the week due to Covid)
    6/25/20 Lender Conditions came back. Issue with contract
    7/2 HAND cleared; scope of work conpleted. Final repair budget submitted to BOA; Subject to Appraisal ordered
    7/7 File resubmitted to BOA underwriter
    7/10 Another set of conditions (same conditions as before
    7/20 Commitment Letter issued
    7/27 Missed inital closing per contract
    7/28 Initial CTC issued
    7/29 Initial CD issued
    8/3 Final CD is morning; closed that afternoon


    Hello kjenkins79,


    You prove to everyone that if you stick with it and simply never give up, you will become a homeowner through the NACA program. Extremely well done.

    Enjoy your home!

    Tim Trumble
    Online Operations, NACA


    @ttrumble. Thank you!! This process definitely humble me and taught me what patience really was!

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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