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    Hello everyone,

    I kindly ask for you to share with me your experience communicating with your counselor, maybe I can take some tips.

    My counselor does not reply to most of my emails (not to say none) and I only get to talk to my counselor when the counselor calls me, I understand they have a lot of work to do, but communication is lacking. I am supposed to be talking to the regional manager and nobody has given me a call or contact information.

    It’s frustrating to see them so unreachable, specially when my file has been “on hold” for 2 weeks.


    I am sorry, I am leaving NACA because of a lack of communication then when I call Member Service they can’t help me because I was told she has not opened my file or something, so I am going with another program, wish you luck.


    It depends on the nature of the situation and the content of the message. Usually a simple “is there anything I can do to help move my file along” is the most effective statement you can utter. Copy your naca lynx email address when you ask this.

    Sometimes things get lost in the fold. These counselors get hundreds of emails per day. If you don’t send everything in one email chances are your counselor is waiting on something you already sent but they missed.


    Communication is terrible and it seem like there is a level of ineptness is constant through four multiple offices.


    NACA is a great program with a heavy demand. I understand that staff is over worked and possibly over whelmed. My counselor stated that she was ill prepared for my first appointment because she didn’t know we were scheduled. I was asked for documents that I had already submitted but she said she couldn’t see them. After being scheduled two months out, I called to ensure my uploads were complete and it was confirmed that my documentation could be seen in the system. I was confused. Monday, May 24, was my second appointment, however, my counselor was a no call, no show. I am very concerned because I am currently residing in an unfit apartment. My lease expires in October and I am losing sleep worried I will not have enough time to complete the NACA process before my lease expires. I am hoping that someone can help facilitate this process for me. I welcome working on the NACA sales team one day and would prefer to have a good experience to share. Hope to hear from someone soon.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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