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    I’m a new poster to the forum, but I’ve read through this forum countless times and it has been amazing at helping to be prepared for my intake meeting.

    March 9th- Attended workshop
    March 20th- Intake meeting
    April 9th- Submitted to underwriting
    April 17th- Received underwriter conditions
    April 17th- Emailed all the documentation that the underwriter requested to my MC
    April 17th- April 24th- emailed my MC daily asking him to respond to the underwriter’s conditions
    April 24th- MC responded asking me to come in the next day at 5:30 to make sure we had everything that we needed
    April 25th- Met with MC and he said that he’d submit the file the next day April 26th
    April 26th -present- daily email to MC, continual outreach to member services, no response from MC

    So I called the local NACA office and they told me that my MC does not have an open appointment until August. They stated that they see that I’ve been calling member services but only the local office can make an appointment, so I need to wait until he contacts me. She stated that he is working hard but he’s booked up. I do agree that the NACA MCs are very hard working and are extremely over worked. I called back the next day, got a different agent and I received an appointment for July 1st. My concern is that July 1st is just shy of 3 months AFTER my conditions came back from underwriting. My MC has all the documentation that is needed but I can’t get a response from him.

    Since I have to wait until July 1st to meet with him (which will be 3 months since receiving underwriters conditions) will I have to start the qualification process over?
    Will the underwriter be able to pick up where the file was left off?
    If the underwriter comes back with additional conditions and I have to wait another 3 months for an appointment can the underwriter continue with this same file?
    Is there a better approach that I should take to reach my MC?

    The only time that I’ve received a response from my MC is when I cc his manager on the email. I hate doing that because I don’t want his manager to come down hard on him, but that’s the only time he responds. Member services has reached out to him countless times and if he responds to them he states that he’ll respond back to the conditions that same day, but it never happens. @TTrumble any advice will be much appreciated.

    I am greatly appreciative of both the NACA program as well as the countless hours that the MCs put in. I just want to know the proper way to be a polite pest without offending my MC.


    If the choice is between CC’ing their manager and waiting an extra 3 months, I know which I’d choose… I hope this resolves quickly for you, and I’m interested to hear how it goes. It sounds like you were able to move through everything up to this point very quickly.


    Thanks @BakertheBaker. The process seemed to move quickly until it was time to actually get qualified. I just hate to keep calling member services and CC’ing his manager because I don’t want to come across as too assertive and have it back fire on me by him not doing anything with my file. I’ll keep this forum updated with my progress.


    Personally, I would suggest calling the office several times a day until you talk to your MC. There is no way someone is overbooked to the level not to respond to someone at least in a week.
    I received conditions from UW yesterday. Provided all requested documents immediately within hours. The system is showing qualification-pending again. To my understanding, it was resubmitted today.


    My understanding from everyone so far is that you cannot be too assertive. But that’s also the key word, assertive – not aggressive or unkind. It sounds like you’ve got a lot of empathy for your MC and the program, which is great, because we’re all just trying to get by – BUT the thing they told me at the workshop, when I called, and here, is that you have to be your own advocate and the process is going to move as quickly as you move it. I’ve heard of many people calling and emailing every single day, and in an electronic world and a sector in which timing is SO important, I don’t think that’s unreasonable at all. Stay as kind as you can, but at the same time, keep pushing to get what you’ve worked for.


    I would recommend you to send one email daily to your counselor indicating that you want your file submitted ASAP. You can also call the office and ask the receptionist to give him/her a message, you can call member services and ask them to send him/her a message. You can also contact the office manager or go to the office and wait until your counselor or somebody else can see you. I would advise you not to wait more than a couple of days without a response because counselors are usually VERY busy and they may not get to your file unless you follow up constantly


    @Al92 That is awesome congrats on having the lender conditions addressed! Just a piece of advice from my situation, call member services and ask them if your MC responded to the conditions. My MC told me that he was responding to mine last Wednesday. The conditions disappeared to where I could no longer see them but my status didn’t change, so I was under the impression that he had actually addressed them as he said. I called member services Monday and found out that he hadn’t touched my file since the beginning of April. I’m sure your situation is different but just wanted to provide that insight to help.


    @BakertheBaker great advice! I’m reaching out daily and not giving up. I know the program is worth the effort!


    @southflorida thanks for the feedback. I send a daily email and I reach out to member services every other day. He either sends me 1 email after I reach out to member services and become silent again, or he does not respond at all. I plan on spending the day at the office on Friday waiting until he becomes available to talk to me. I’ll keep the timeline updated!


    Today I reached out to member services and he told them that he’d call and provide me with an update. He sent an email asking for my checking account statements. I was already online so i emailed them back to him within 60 seconds. My status has now changed to qualification pending. We have some movement!!


    Great news!


    Well false alarm. I called member services today and he still hasn’t submitted anything back to the underwriter. So it was the same pattern, he sent me an email, stopped communicating and didn’t touch my file smh.


    My conditions were finally submitted back to underwriting!! Now my next concern is determining if my qualification amount should be based off of 2018’s tax returns or my current salary. I received a promotion in January 2019 that increased my annual salary by 9K. Should my qualification amount be based off of last year’s tax return or my current salary after the increase in January?


    Last night I logged into my Webfile and my status read Not qualified conditions. I called member services this morning and I have 2 conditions which is to rerun my credit and more details needed on one of my LOE. These are easy things to address. I’m going to pay off a credit card next week, so I’m wondering if I should wait until I pay off the card or if I should have my MC rerun everything now.


    I think that even if you payoff the credit card, it may take a while for the credit bureaus to update their records

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