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    Is there anyone besides the MC that can issue a PSL? ( cannot simply do it ourselves since buydown is involved)

    A PSL request has been sent multiple times with no response going into week 2. We have an interested seller on our offer and here we are in limbo.

    If the MC is non-responsive (as usual) , please, where else can I look for help?

    Thanks in advance, @ttrumble @nelsont
    as always, I’m sure you’re all tired of my postings by now. LoL. I’m tired too but trying to stay optimistic but this is highly frustrating.


    Have you called your local office? Asked to get a PSL or speak to the office manager?


    Yes and they left a message for her to call us.


    I really wish there was a way to give feedback. These events are working amazingly to get people qualified, but I don’t understand how counselors can do their job effectively if everyone is all hands on deck for the events, then only have two days to work on all their other files. Mortgage department isn’t available to help and Member Services is limited in how they can help. This doesn’t seem sustainable for the counselors, and I just saw more events announced all the way through August. ?


    I’ve been trying to get HAND to work my file, because I know my MC is only available Tuesday and Wednesdays. Another day has passed and I have yet to hear from HAND. So even if I got my rehab budget tomorrow, I will likely have to wait until NEXT WEEK to submit COC. That’s another week wasted. Why continue to overload MC with these events, when their workload is already ridiculous.


    That’s what I’m saying. Everyone getting qualified at these events will need their counselors after they are qualified. How is this logistically supposed to work if there were already overworked? Sounds like a recipe for burnout.


    In our case, the lack of communication has occurred way before ATD. And here we are one full week of multiple requests, phone calls, emails and nothing.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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