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    I was hoping for some insight or counsel as what i’ve recently experienced with NACA has me perplexed and wondering how to proceed

    I signed up and received a NACAID April 2020. When I requested a intake session with my local NJ office, i was given a February 2021 date! Some time later, I discovered I could do the November 2020 intake session. I signed up and had a pleasant experience with the counselor, who told my wife and I we were “poster people for how well to be prepared”. Nonetheless, we had an action plan of typical items: bank statements, LOEs, pay stubs, W2, tax transcripts, etc.

    I spent the next few months doing everything, with a Feb 2021 intake session still on the books. the November ATD counselor advised me to take care of the items then call your local office and try and bump up your appointment. When I did call them around December/January, I was told my February counseling session was actually canceled, and without any notification of the sort! As disconcerting as that was, I was instructed to sign up for the ATD event in March, so I did.

    March 6th arrives, and I wait all day for my call from the counselor. Finally, at 7:48pm I get a phone call from a Veronica, who explains instead of having be sit on the video chat for an hour, she’d work on it and call me if any issues arise. Thinking this is a great idea, I oblige. she calls several times over the span of 3 hours, to ask for documents that were all submitted, on the NACA approved web browser, yet for some reason, she was unable to locate it, even though, I was looking at it myself on the my open web file. Nonetheless, just wanting to get approved, I resubmitted within minutes everything she asked for. She acknowledged those submissions, and finally said “send me your updated budget, and I’ll begin entering it on my end, THEN I’LL SUBMIT YOU FOR APPROVAL”. the sigh of relief finally comes. we made it, or, so we thought.

    She never called us back that night. We expected a call back after the budget was done, but it never came. Still hopeful, we reach out the next day to the webinar live chat to inquire what our status was. We were told we weren’t submitted, there were no notes of a phone call from Veronica except that she called and didn’t get an answer. Disconcerted and very dismayed yet again, we were told to contact our local office.

    I reached out to my local office, explained what transpired via email since I couldn’t seem to get anybody by phone after March 6th, and still can’t, and my assigned counselor responded with “reach out to kim at the office to get an appointment”. Since the phones seem to have no one at the other end nationally (i’ve called several offices to no avail), i contacted member services via email about an appointment. the response was for an appointment, IN JANUARY 2022!

    Here are my questions:

    1)Can I forgo my local office and get a remote counselor? Would I fair better and not after wait another year, 2 years from my initial signup?

    2) How can I appeal this whole situation to the right person? It isn’t right that I’m told “I’m submitting you to approval” and then it doesn’t happen, and, I get no indication of why I’m not approved. 1st ATD I get an action plan, 2nd ATD I get nothing. no updates.

    Please, counsel me on what’s the best way forward. I have EVERYTHING uploaded to the web-file, and if perchance as is the NACA way they somehow still say we don’t have X, I have a network folder with it all and can fire off an email or upload within seconds to prove I have it.



    Fast fast forward and today, we have a meeting with a fill in MC from Newark, and he was GREAT! It really depends who you draw, but we finally are seeing some light at the end of the tunnel. Only to minor things to address and we should be approved by next week!

    Try, and pray, is the best advice I can give!

    modest goddess

    Congratulations!! They should pay you for saving a few members with this positive update!

    I was literally researching my financial institution’s mortgage terms when your message came through!

    So yes, prayer does work and congratulations again- you can exhale LOL!!

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