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    Hi, I’m just here for advice.. so I just received an email stating that my counselor is no longer working with naca and that I will be reassigned. My meeting with her was to occur on April 29th. I’ve met with her once and I started this process last july.. with her rescheduling each appointment or not making the appointment. Is this common, normal? If you are reassigned will the meeting occur around the same date or will I have to wait 4 months again for a new meeting? Can someone please explain?


    Almost assuredly you will be added to an existing counselor’s schedule which means unfortunately you go to the back of the line…no MC in the entire country has planned openings. They may block off time in order to review files they couldn’t otherwise because they have 4 out of 5 days of every week booked solid with appointments from 9 am to 9pm… yes they work that long. But they literally never have nothing on the calendar.

    My advice is call your local office and ask for 3 things. The first is to confirm your appointment. The 2nd is to be put on a cancellation list so you can potentially move up in the queue. 3rd is ask about the regional atd event and if you can sign up for that.

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