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    Anyone knows of a NACA approved Title Company and property inspector local to OKC.
    I sent out an email this Monday to RED and Services asking for help and I am yet to receive a response.

    Damien Smith

    Greetings @Sweetlily

    I hope this message finds you well! I am working on finding you an answer to that question. Thanks Damien

    Damien Smith
    Online Communications, NACA


    I would really appreciate this help.
    Somehow OKC gets no love 🙂
    But we ain’t going no where.
    Thanks once again sir.


    Okc here and just starting. Did you find an answer to this question and a realtor that works with MACA here? @sweetlilly


    @shambam405 I never heard back from Damien.
    For property inspector I was able to find Andrew Farnsworth who was willing to fulfil the NACA requirements and should now be in their system.
    His number and email is : 405 252 0288 ,
    For a Title company, an MC (who is no longer with NACA) mentioned Abstract and Title company, with Amber Dixon as the contact.

    I have not used either yet as I just got requalified again.

    There is no NACA in house realtor in OKC I am aware of.
    Two options you can check with:
    Roberta Pendarvis -(405) 759-0251
    Tiaa Payne -(405) 361-2337

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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