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    I’ve been reading and searching topics here for a while now. I was tired of renting so I moved in with a relative to work on my credit etc. I heard about Naca and decided to give it a try. Here’s my timeline so far…

    1/23/18- First Intake appointment. I came prepared with most of the requested documents. No collections or negative items on my credit report. Since I’ve been living with a relative, I was told by my MC that I would need to do six months of payment shock. My next appointment was set for 7/3/18 and I received my Action Plan.

    2/22- I emailed my tax transcripts. MC confirmed that were rec’d.

    3/19- I switched my student loans to IBR to help with affordability. MC confirmed he received them and would get back to me.

    My MC never got back to me so between 4/8-6/6 I sent multiple emails to follow up. No response. I called the office and member services as well to see if my MC was still there. They said he was and that they would pass messages on to him to contact me. By mid June I was just thinking about giving up. No response since June. I decided I would see how the appointment went that was scheduled for 7/3 and that would determine if I was going to stick with the program or take another route. My credit score is above 700 now.

    7/3- Another gentleman called me back and advised that my MC transferred the end of June. I told him how my previous MC stopped responding to me in March. He assured me that I was in good hands now. I received another Action Plan and he scheduled me to come back 7/25. He said he would be able to submit my file since my six months would be up.

    7/25- I arrived with all requested documents and LOE’s All that was missing was my budget forms and VOE. He faced over my VOE form while I was there and I called my HR dept. They said it would take 1-2 days to return. I asked if they could expedite it for me. Once I got back to work I emailed the budget forms. He said he would submit my file even without my VOE. He also stated he was going ask that I be approved for a higher affordability amount due to my savings pattern. (I later found out they sent it back to my MC the same day)

    7/26- 2:21pm I rec’d a text alert saying my status changed to “Qualification Pending”

    7/31- 5:53pm I rec’d a text alert saying my status changed to “Qualified” My MC emailed around 6:30pm with the good news! They also gave me the higher amount.

    I am attending the Homebuyers workshop tonight. I’m excited by nervous st the same time.


    @Butterfly123 congratulations. I must say I am jealous 🙂 But very happy for you. Keep us updated on how your workshop goes tonight.


    @whitknee Thank you! I will. I’ve read your post and I’m keeping my fingers crossed for you.


    Great timeline! Congrats on everything.


    @kirkan1981 Thank you!



    I went to the HBW on 8/2. It was nice. A lot of information. I selected my in house agent. Again I’m excited but nervous at the same time about the upcoming process.


    Awesome! Congrats @Butterfly123


    Just an update on my progress

    8/30- offer put in this morning and accepted by the afternoon

    8/31- Earnest money wired

    9/4- Inspection, WDO, and wind mitigation done. Report received and uploaded to my file that evening.

    9/5- Repair list sent by HAND. Naca agent addressed repairs with the seller’s agent.

    9/6-Sellers agreed to do repairs

    9/11- Credit Access Requested

    9/13- Conditions received and addressed. Credit Access approved that evening

    9/14- Signed Bank App. Naca agent says sellers have completed the repairs.

    9/18- Email received from CC introducing herself. Received alerts that my credit was pulled by Citibank

    9/19- I was contacted by hand stating that an updated report was sent and not all repairs were satisfied. My Naca agent scheduled a re-inspection for this Friday so the proper paper work can be submitted to HAND. I contacted my MC to see if I had any conditions since the webfile isn’t working. He sent me the list. CC also sent me the list this evening with the conditions.

    9/20- Addressed Conditions this morning. Sent them to my file, CC, and MC. My CC responded saying that now all I needed was to be cleared by HAND. I informed her that re-inspection is scheduled for tomorrow morning.


    Congratulations @butterfly123 you’re almost there!!


    Thanks @whitknee. My estimated closing date is October 18th. I hope to be cleared by HAND next week.


    Yassss almost thereeee!!


    Yes…getting closer. This forum has been so helpful.


    That’s awesome @butterfly123 I will be looking for your update on the 18th.


    @butterfly123 how are you guys receiving these TEXT ALERTS , I would like to receive them.


    @determined1227 you should get them automatically but since you’re not then reach out to member services and make sure that they have your primary number listed as a cell phone and your wireless carrier.

Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 37 total)
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