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    Hello everyone, I would like to share my experience. First, I participated in the home buyers webinar in January of this year 2021. I was assigned an amazing naca counselor and had my first meeting with him at the end of February and than one more meeting at the end of March where I became naca qualified. I wanted an in house Real estate agent and was assigned to one about 2 days later after participating in the webinar meeting set up of being congratulated for qualifying and next steps. Once my agent and I got together I immediately started searching for my family a single family home. The very first home I looked at I fell in love with and we made an offer. My offer was not accepted and I honestly was sad but I understood that it happens. So on to the continuance of searching. I found a few more homes of interest and viewed them but they were just not quite what I thought they would be in person so the search continued. No offense to anyone but I am a God fearing praying warrior and praying about everything has always been my life. I am also a go getter and extremely consistent which is something you have to be in this program to get things done in a timely manner. It was the end of April and my agent received a call from the listing agent of the first home that we placed an offer on as she wanted to accept our offer. I was SPEECHLESS with so much excitement because God is awesome. We have since then completed the inspection. After that I was able to put together some contractors to come out to do estimates on the required repairs that the HAND department generated. Also I my naca counselor who became my mortgage counselor and I never missed a beat with documents needed to be completed and signed as the loan was in processed. Loan was approved just last week on Friday and clear to close. I am now waiting to be cleared by HAND for final walk through and closing of our new Home. I can only be honest and say to you all going for this amazing mortgage program that good things don’t come easy but I promise you they last forever if you allow them to. This has been an experience as it is still on going. I am now waiting to receive that email saying we are HAND cleared as my husband and I will be ready to fully celebrate. Hard work pays off. You have to be ready to do your part always even if there are some frustrations. Just keep calm and keep moving in the best ways that you know and you will get to your victory.


    Awesome story! Congratulations to you and your family, and thank you for the words of encouragement. God Bless you!


    Thank you. God bless you also.


    You are very welcome


    I would like some support and assistance in my situation. I have been working with Naca for well over a year. In December I was officially House search ready. Prior to this I had a terrible Mc. Never on time for anything couldn’t remember anything and simply did not keep up with with time and dates scheduled. I then received another Mc. Very rude, nasty, and I had to let him know that I will not be disrespected. From there I then received another Mc and she was coool just very slow In everything that she did. Moving forward I am now working with what you would call a senior counselor and they are just as rude as some of the others I have encountered. The issue is however, they aren’t doing their jobs to make sure that my information gets approved to credit access. There were some conditions that needed to be addressed and I have completed them each and everytime, however they continue to say that I am missing information. So I have reached out to the proper people to retrieve more information. The problem is however, is I can’t make anyone move faster than they are able to but I also don’t want to be threatened that I will not be able to continue with my loan if I don’t get it done. I’m literally busting my chops to make this happen. Any suggestions? I’m too close to the end and the fact that my daughter is excited, I keep going on, but honestly you guys if it wasn’t for her and my own drive I would have been given up because sometimes it seems like this is really just too good to be true!


    I’m so sorry to hear about your experience as I have read of others having experiences similar to yours. It is very unfortunate that you keep experiencing these hardships as you are trying to achieve this for you and your family. I can honestly say that I’ve had great assistance with naca with a dash of frustration and bumps that came along. It would still never change that this is indeed the best mortgage but it’s almost like some have to go through so much to get to their victory depending on who you are dealing with. Keep hanging on and staying strong and be persistent as you have been. Reach out to whomever you have to within naca if you feel that you are not getting what you need and trust you will succeed. You will get to the end of this so do not get discouraged. God bless you. You will get to the end.


    Hello everyone,

    My spouse and I did not know about NACA until a friend had asked me personally to drive her to a meeting. Since I did not have any appointment, my plan was to stay in my vehicle and wait until the end of the meeting. However, I was welcome to assist because few appointees were absent.
    At the end of the meeting which was a NACA workshop, I became a NACA member.
    At that time, 7 years ago, myi family and I were living for 3 years on a rental place and did not have any plan to purchase due to down payment, closing cost and more.
    After the workshop, everything has changed.
    I realized that if someone is a person of discipline, especially in managing his/her finance; discipline, i.e. paying my bills on time and not going beyond my means, purchasing through NACA should not be a frustrating experience.
    It took us 9 months to complete the process from rental to home ownership.
    Since then, we advocate for NACA and tell friends to go to and listen that NACA is not a mortgage company that will approve or reject, but exists to help home buyers with no discrimination.
    We have friends who purchased thru NACA in 4 different States and being so grateful.


    I realize that it’s depend of the State you live, the city you are in and the community that is serving you. NACA is ONE but all MC are not created equal. NACA is there to help those in needs. It is said: “Those who are in needs!!!! Remember: in needs.
    Thank you.


    Hello Humble87,

    I’m sorry to see you have had an unsatisfactory experience so far. There’s always two sides to every story, so I would like to have someone review the file and get to the bottom of the situation for you.

    Please contact with your name, member ID number and Forum screen name. I will refer your post over to the person who will receive your email and will review the file so we can determine exactly what is needed to keep you moving forward.

    Tim Trumble
    Online Operations, NACA

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