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    Hello NACA Family,

    I have been so inspired reading everyone’s journey that I decided to post about my own. Here it goes…

    June 5, 2020: I attended the ATD event. I was not qualified on the spot because of multiple reasons. An Action Plan was created for me for the following items:

    • Missing Voter’s Registration
    o At the time of the event, I did not have my husband’s voter registration. (COMPLETED by 6/5) I went on and printed out the page and uploaded to my webfile.

    • Signed Participation Form
    o At the time of the event, we did not have an updated participation form for this year. (COMPLETED by 6/5) My husband and I filled out the form and uploaded to our webfile.

    • Proof of MRF
    o Our MRF ($3,800) was already saved in our bank account but we needed to show proof of where the funds came from. (COMPLETED by 6/5) I uploaded our bank statement highlighting when the funds were deposited and uploaded our stimulus check letter from the IRS.

    • Additional Address in Credit Report
    o My credit report listed multiple addresses I’ve never occupied. (COMPLETED by 6/5) I had to write a Letter of Explanation (L.O.E) stating all the addresses we lived and when. The letter was uploaded to our webfile.

    • Bank Statements- Irregular Lump Sum Withdrawals
    o I did not have L.O.E for each transaction (Must Submit Monthly) I had to write a L.O.E including the account number, date of withdraw, the amounts and where the funds went. The letter was uploaded to my webfile.

    • Bank Statements – Non-Payroll or Non-Business Deposits
    o I did not have L.O.E for each transaction (Must Submit Monthly) I had to write a L.O.E stating the account number, date of deposit, amount deposited and the source the funds came from. The letter was uploaded to my webfile.

    • Budget
    o I did not have 3 months’ worth of our budget. I know rookie mistake (Must Submit Monthly) I created a budget for March – May and uploaded to my webfile.

    •Tax Transcripts
    o (INCOMPLETE) Due to the IRS being shut down due to COVID-19, we have not been able to access our Transcripts. We are not able to access the files online because we do not have credit cards, student loans or a mortgage which is what is required to access the transcripts online.

    • Charge-Offs/Collections
    o Medical Bill #1 –(INCOMPLETE) Balance must be paid off
    o Medical Bill #2 – (INCOMPLETE) Balance must be paid off
    o Credit Card #1 – (INCOMPLETE) Card was charged off. Must provide proof and LOE.
    o Credit Card #2 – (INCOMPLETE) Card was charged off. Must provide proof and LOE.
    o Credit Card #3 – (INCOMPLETE) Card was charged off. Must provide proof and LOE.

    • Alternative Credit
    o (INCOMPLETE) Must provide 3 lines of additional credit with bank statements and payment history

    The counselor informed me to work on the Action Items and contact my local office (Philadelphia, Pa) to make a follow-up appointment.

    By the end of the day on June 5, I had all action items completed and uploaded except: Tax Transcripts (2018 & 2019), Charge-Offs/Collections and Alternative Credit.


    June 6 – June 16: I tried to contact my Housing Counselor by email and phone to make a follow up appointment. I was unsuccessful so I emailed the office manager and member services to assist with scheduling my appointment. I did not receive a reply back from the office manager. Member Services replied and stated they will contact my local office to reach someone to schedule my appointment. On June 16 my counselor emailed me with my appointment date for July 16, 2020. By this time, I uploaded my Alternative Credit documents and Proof of Charge-Offs. Still pending was my tax transcripts (IRS still closed) and my medical bills #1-2 were not paid off yet.

    The waiting process was very frustrating at the time. I didn’t understand why it was taking so long to hear back from my counselor. After reading similar frustrations from various posts on the forum, I then understood that the counselors were working from home and were off on Mondays and worked on a limited schedule. Patience is a virtue!

    June 16 – June 26: I paid off both Medical bills and was waiting on the Satisfaction Letters to arrive. I was told it would take up to 14 business days to receive the letters. So excited that was finally done!

    June 27 – present day: I received my medical bill #1 letter on July 13! Hopefully, medical bill #2 will be in the mail before my July 16th appointment. I uploaded our June Budget, June Bank Statements, June Paystubs and Bank LOE for June.

    The only item pending is our 2018/2019 Tax Transcripts. I am praying we will get qualified on our upcoming appointment! Hopefully we can be pushed through to the underwriters with a condition regarding the tax transcripts.

    I will keep you posted! Wish me luck!


    Good luck

    And let me know how the Philadelphia office treats you.I have an appointment with someone from here next Monday


    Thank you, Sneakerz4me! I sure will. Best of luck to you as well. How far along are you in this process?


    First intake with an MC Monday. Praying it goes well.


    @Bella7 thanks for sharing and good luck in your journey.
    I am pretty much in the same boat trying to get my ducks in a row to get qualified.


    @sneakerz4me I’m praying all goes well on Monday! Hang in there 🙂

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    @sweetlilly, thank you! Good Luck to you too! When is your next appointment with your counselor? I’ve read some have to wait until October for their next appointment.


    @Bella7 i had an initial engagement with one at the ATD event some time in May of this year.
    She gave me an Action Plan with a list of things to upload /explain (LOE).
    I completed them and sent her an email to that effect and never got a response back.

    I contacted Services and they scheduled a meeting with another MC this past Thursday.
    He was somewhat helpful but his audio stopped working during the GoTo meeting session.
    He was still helpful in helping me collect all of my rental checks (front and back) from BOA and do my Employment verification via theworknumber. So we made some progress.
    I still felt the original MC could have helped with these back in May but I am not sweating it.
    This new MC wanted me to resend my LOEs saying i did not send them in the correct format. He was going to send me a template to use but i have not heard back from him.

    I am basically just reviewing my Action Plan to ensure i cover all my bases before sending him an email by Thursday to see if he needs anything else from me before moving things along.


    thank you sooo much! We are in the beginning stages, of uploading documents. We have an ATD event schdeduled for sept. So I really appreciate you taking the time to document your process, as I will use as my action plan for now. Thank you!!! Question: if our event is scheduled for sept, how far back do we need to go for l.o.e for deposits and withdrawals.


    They will tell you. At least 12 months to start. Certainly no more than 24. You may only need 6. But if you come over prepared then you can be qualified and have amo in your pocket to fire back immediately just in case. If you come under prepared you won’t be qualified.


    Ok, thank you @NelsonT


    @sweetlilly I do understand how you felt about your initial MC with not being thorough. I didn’t know there was a specific format for the LOE. Please share whenever you hear back from you MC. I am glad to hear your new MC is more hands on. Hang in there 🙂


    @relle221 No problem. we are all in this together. I have been encouraged reading everyone’s journey. I’m glad they created this forum. It’s very therapeutic! Best of luck to you!

    , that was great advice!


    July 14 – present day: Prior to my appointment I made sure all documents were scanned and emailed to my file. The only items I was unable to provide were our 2018/2019 Tax Transcripts and Medical Bill #2 Satisfaction Letter ( checked daily for the letter but no success).

    Appointment Day! My appointment was scheduled for July 16 at 4pm. My husband and I were very excited to finally get the ball rolling.

    At 3:30pm, my counselor emailed me “Hello, I apologize but I will have to reschedule our appointment for Saturday at 12pm. Can you please respond to this email to let me know if you will be available at that time? Thank you.” Wait? What? I was so frustrated that we were not able to have our appointment on Thursday. For me, the most frustrating part is that I had to wait a month to get an appointment and when it finally arrives, it’s canceled. After venting to my husband (thanks babe) I was able to refocus and be thankful that he rescheduled so soon. I’ve read some had to wait an additional month for their reschedule/cancelled appointment.

    As I am writing this, I am eager and excited to attend my meeting for this Saturday. All items on my Action List have been completed, uploaded and emailed to my file except Tax Transcripts & Medical Bill #2 Satisfaction Letter. I’m praying after our meeting, our status can be updated to “Qualified”! We’re so ready to be home owners and give our children a forever home.

    I will continue to update my post with my progress. Hopefully the next time you hear from me I will be qualified and ready to search for homes!

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