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    My MC Said my credit report was fine however Im a little nervous reading through these post.

    I have a medical collection that somehow did not make my car accident settlement.

    It shows open in 2017 but last updated 2020.

    Will I need to pay this? If so, will I be able to settle since its a medical bill.

    I also have a non medical collection with an open date of 2014 but was last reported 2020

    Both are 3rd party collections

    Also, does anyone know which report they use?

    Thank you in advance


    You will need to pay/settle all active collections.

    You can always settle a collection.

    But you need to clarify if the open 2014/2017 means it was opened then or if it’s still open. If the lender has charged it off but the collection agency has not then it’s still active. Even when closed your report will still say it was opened in 2014. It’s the charge off or closed date that starts the 24 month timeline. So depending on the aggressiveness of the collection agency a 6 month old debt might get charged off or a 5 year old debt might still be active. Also the law allows collection agencies to report charged off and closed accounts until they fall off your credit report even if they aren’t actively collecting which may mean 7 years after the charge off date which might be 2 to 3 years after the open date.

    That shouldn’t matter too much just an fyi.

    Naca uses what’s called a tri merge report. It’s a combination of reports from all 3 bureaus Experian transunion and Equifax. It’s more comprehensive than free sites like creditkarma (which I use) so it may give you more details about the accounts in question as well as more personal information like addresses. It also uses FICO which is less forgiving than vantagescore used by free sites (which also do not contract with Experian) so don’t worry nor be surprised if your score is not what you expected.

    Bottom line get the details on your collections and that will point you in the direction you need to take.


    Thank you for your fast response. I am so grateful you take so much time out of your day to help us during this process. I got that shock alright.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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