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    I’m having challenges with my assigned MC not responding to my emails or PSL request. I was informed MC’s are required to respond within 24 hours but my MC has exceeded that timeframe. I’ve emailed her several times since her office is closed and according to her that is the fastest way to get a hold of her. I’ve contacted her office directly but I either get disconnected or transferred to MS. I’ve also reached out the mortgage dept. to get any available MC to review my PSL request but again got transferred to MS. MS informed me they have sent an email to the Director and to allow the Director 24 hours to respond. Time is of the essence and I’m very disappointed to say the least. Does anybody else know how I can get an available MC to review my file/PSL request today?


    Hello campos303,

    All NACA offices were closed yesterday for a delayed Juneteenth holiday. CEO Bruce Marks declared two weeks ago that effective this year, Juneteenth will be an official company holiday. Since we were in the middle of a virtual Achieve the Dream event at that time, we delayed this year’s holiday to give all NACA staff a well deserved and incredibly rare four day weekend.

    As such, you MC would not have had the opportunity to see your messages until today. Just a little more patience should get you taken care of.

    Tim Trumble
    Online Operations, NACA


    My MC was very responsive up until a NOT QUALIFIED with 3 conditions came back on June 30th 2021. 2 of the conditions have been satisfied by me. The 3rd NOBODY I have spoken to at NACA can decipher due to the horrible grammar and misspelling from the underwriter. I reached out to my MC on the same day via email and phone….no response. I sent 4 more emails as I know the 4th of July probably slowed things down. Called the office twice, they said they sent her an email and copied the regional manager Diego and still nothing. This could have BEEN handled and my file resubmitted days ago. Yet they say WE need to have patience. The system is broken and nobody working for NACA will admit it until they quit. Then it’s a **NACA tell all***. The systems are so outdated it’s ridiculous. It’s 2021, update the systems already. So now I wait until God knows when to get these conditions handled and resubmitted to underwriting. So sad.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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