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    How does NACA determine priority status? I currently make $14/hr while my fiancĂ© just switched from hourly to $45,000/yr. Last year we had a combined income of $75,000. The median income for our area is $80,000 and we need to be priority members so we can live close to his children. My boss has been trying to give me a raise since January, I asked if he can hold of until we close on a house but just know he called me into his office and asked when that’s going to happen. I was just qualified this week, I’m doing the purchasing workshop today. I need to know if my fiancĂ© making $45,000/yr and me making $16.50/hr is going to affect our priority status or am I in the clear?


    100% or less than the median income is priority.

    100.01% or more than the median income is non priority.

    16.50/hr is 34320 per year. That’s 79320 combined. That’s priority.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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