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    Hi All! My partner and I were just recently qualified and did the purchase workshop. We wanted to know if anyone had any recommendations of agents in Long Island who have worked with folks in Suffolk (and Nassau) Counties please let me know.

    We are the first in our families to buy a house in a very long time and are clueless on the next steps and how to move this forward/along. Reading these blogs sometimes gives me a bit of anxiety, so any advice or recommendations will help. <3


    Hello! I am in the same pickle, looking for a realtor who is familiar with Suffolk County. Any recommendations are greatly appreciated!


    Hi there @LIGuy1524

    Congratulations on your qualification!!

    We have some great In-House agents that serve in your area. Have you sent an email to our Real Estate department RED@naca.com Send an email asking for a list of realtors that work in your area and our team will put you in contact with some outstanding agents.
    The homebuying process can be overwhelming at times, but just stick through it and make sure to ask your counselor your questions.

    You got this!!

    NACA, Online Operations

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    I have a follow up question. Once you locate a realtor in NY that works with NACA, what documents is the realtor “allowed” to review? I have an interview with a realtor and they are asking to see my affordability form. It clearly states at the top of the affordability form not to share this document with anyone except your MC. Is it common practice to share the affordability form even though the doc indicates not do? If you dont share the affordability form how do you prove priority/non-priority and qualification amount? Any help would be gladly welcomed. Thanks!


    Hello – Against all the advice, I chose to share my form with my realtor and I’m glad I did because she can now function as an informed partner in my house search, and I can focus on the other aspects, like what I want in the house. If you keep your cards too close to the vest, it becomes a game of “guess the number I’m thinking of” which wastes a lot of precious time in crazy seller’s market. Also, the minute you make your first of many offers, they are going to be able to calculate the max loan amount anyway. Just be sure to communicate expectations and don’t sign an offer if you aren’t comfortable. Best of luck to you!


    @tiki as long as you are comfortable the realtor is working in YOUR best interest is all that matters.


    @sweetlilly Yes, and that’s an assessment that we need to make. And the great thing about NACA broker agreements is that if we think they aren’t, then we can change realtors.

    But as far as finding hardball negotiator to get the lowest price… that is not how it’s going to work in the 2020 Long Island market. I’d might play it closer to the vest if it was a buyer’s market, but here and I now I prefer to have an informed partner. At the end of the day, it’s still my job to vet what my realtor is proposing before I make the offer.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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