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    My questions:
    Is there a quota for intake sessions a month?
    Do Office Managers get bonuses based on this?
    Who do we turn to about poor Office Management at our local branch?

    I am the Operation Manager for a real estate team – I oversee 6 Realtors and am a licensed Realtor myself. I am personally going through the NACA program for a couple reasons:

    1. Financially it is an absolute no-brainer
    2. I want to experience the program myself prior to referring clients, friends, and/or family to NACA so I can properly set expectations for them and myself.

    It has been relatively smooth sailing until recently. I’d like to share my timeline of events and get some feedback preferably from a NACA rep or someone who experienced a similar issue.
    07/25/2019 – Attended HBW
    10/31/2019 – Intake meeting w/ MC – received action plan – scheduled qualification meeting for Jan 15th 2020
    12/30/2019 – Receptionist called to say opening was available for Jan 3rd 2020 – I accepted as I had met all my requirements and MRF
    01/02/2020 – Had second meeting w/ all documents ready to go. Wasn’t missing a thing. This was a Friday so I expected submission to be the following Monday
    01/07/2020 – MC emailed me saying I needed a copy of a check and a LOE which I provided within minutes
    01/07/2020 – MC said he would do his best to expedite file as we were two days into the following week

    01/17/2020 – I was browsing the forums here and found out you could call NACA Member Services and they could tell you more about the file once it had been submitted. Speak with a lovely lady at MS and she looks at my file and says it hasn’t even been submitted to underwriting. I’m surprised at hearing this. She reaches out to the MC and he basically explains that he is SWAMPED and will priority my file moving forward (big thanks to that Member Services rep for taking care of me).

    After 7PM my MC calls me on his drive home. We chat for about 15 minutes. I explained to him I wasn’t trying to go behind his back and that I was just curious if they could see what was happening in UW. He understood and explained what was going on. Basically, they are scheduling four 2 hour appointments for him a day which only leaves whatever free time he does have during business hours to really only focus on files that have current contracts/bank access/closing soon etc. Whenever they have cancellations they automatically fill the spot with an intake which herein lies the problem. He has no free time. My branch only has two MCs that are supposed to support an entire two state metro area. He told me he’s tried asking the Office Manager for time to work on files and she told him to do it after or before hours and that if he didn’t like it that maybe this wasn’t the job for him. This particular branch seems to have a high turn-over rate. Between 7/25 and 10/31 they had one MC quit (because of the poor Management) and fired another because she couldn’t keep up. Currently, there is only my MC and another newbie who isn’t licensed. The Office Manager only does one appointment a day and their receptionist seems to only schedule appointments and talk to people on her phone (both times I’ve been there all she has done in check me in and blabber on personal calls). As an Operations Manager myself, I would expect her to be doing as much if not more work than her employees and leading by example. Every time I’ve been in there she has been cold and snippy to my MC.

    As I see it, this OM found herself in a nice cushioned role and adverts all responsibility to her subordinates and doesn’t allow proper time for them to get any kind of work done. To me, this seems like she is definitely salaried and receives bonuses on office numbers (such as # of intake appointments or something). It’s her job to ensure her branch is running smoothly and it absolutely is not – her MCs are drowning. There needs to be better organization, leadership, and vision.


    Well I can tell you a little bit about what I have experienced and what I have seen myself, as well as what I have read from others here.

    What you are experiencing is, unfortunately, not uncommon with NACA. A lot of people have mentioned that their MC’s seem overworked, and don’t have enough time to work on files. I know @TTrumble has mentioned this as well, and it is unfortunate. I believe a lot of the MC’s truly are solid NACA advocates, but they just can’t always handle their workload, because it is at times a very heavy workload. NACA seems to be attracting more clients than ever before, and I am sure they have not been able to keep up in hiring. Hopefully one day that will change, but for now, this is what happens sometimes.

    It seems that your situation is even worse than most, though. The office manager seems to be the issue, here. You can always speak to the regional director as well and let them know your thoughts. You may be able to get their info from Member Services, I was able to contact a regional director after Member Services gave me their phone number. It sounds like your MC is doing all they can, so I feel bad for them. It is not reasonable to be asking them to work so many hours outside of office hours simply because the Office Manager is lazy and also maybe because they won’t hire more people. So that’s on the manager and above, to me. It is not uncommon for many MC’s to have their entire day filled with four 2 hour meetings, though. That is kind of the norm, and they work on files and answer emails in between those meetings or when there is a cancellation/meeting ending early.

    As far as bonuses, I have no idea about that for managers, as I am not sure that they get bonuses based on intake meetings. I do know that MC’s get bonuses based on closings per month, and I know this because on NACA’s website they are hiring and the job description for MC’s mentions pay and bonus structure. I think that’s a good idea, because it incentivises moving files along.

    Honestly, if they can increase the amount of MC’s that work for NACA, I think that would help eliminate the programs biggest drawback, and that is lack of communication/urgency with files that many members experience. Just know that you are not alone, and while NACA is a wonderful product, the downside is the process can be occasionally frustrating. You really have to be your own advocate, and sometimes also be that “polite pest” as many people on here like to say, to get your file moving along the way it should.


    Thanks @Peapod0609. I fully agree with you that they need to get more help in these offices. I also think that they need to convert one day a week to a “light appointment load” day where they may only have 1-2 intakes and the rest of the day is spent on active files that need attention. My current lease is coming up soon and I want to be able to have enough time to close and not have to switch to month-to-month. Not to mention the spring housing market is upon us and competing with standard 30 day conventional loans and cash buyers doesn’t sound like a battle I will win often.

    Alice (the Member Services person I spoke with yesterday) called me back this morning to inform me that my MC still hadn’t submitted my file so she reached out to the Regional Director to escalate my file. While as a regular person I’m happy to hear that, as a professional it makes me feel bad for my MC. I may take your advice and reach out to the RD and explain what I’ve noticed in the office and that they need to potentially bring in someone who manage the office better. I can’t fathom having such a great program ran so poorly. It truly is a shame and I do hope it gets an overhaul. At this rate I will need to be intercepting people who are at least 6mo away from home purchase to ensure they are qualified and ready to go by the time their leases are up.

    I will update this thread as I progress to help others get solutions if they are in the same boat.

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