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    Hi guys! This is more of a general check-in than a question but if you have any feedback, that’s welcome.

    We are currently under contract and the bank application is being registered with Citibank. Right now it shows that I’m waiting for the appraisal report and it looks like the loan is registered but I haven’t received the loan number yet. It still says “processing”

    I have to say that since signing the contract, everything has been moving very quickly and I don’t have a lot of complaints. Our intake session and getting approved was a grueling process but so far, things have been moving quickly.

    We are doing significant cosmetic renovations (about $30,000) so I wanted to outline my experience and see if anyone else had feedback as well. In my search of the forums, I haven’t seen too many posts with renovations on this scale.

    It took us 10 days to get the HAND repair list back but I emailed the coordinator every day and she always responded very quickly. I am hoping to find out our estimated closing date and closing costs soon. Does anyone have any idea how far away I am from that based on your experience?

    Also, my MC said the taxes will play a big part in my closing costs and I will have to wait for the title company but I can estimate a full year of taxes and 1 full year of insurance — nothing else since all fees are paid by NACA. Has this been typical for everyone else’s experience?

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