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    I have submitted my bank app on 12/31. Some conditions comes back not big thing and I think the BOA underwriter didn’t review yet and my webfile status changed to “Lender Status – Underwriting-Pending Decline” today. I am super nervous, has any one experienced that?


    You will definitely find out the reasoning. If you don’t hear by mid morning reach out to the mortgage processing department. If this is not an error which it certainly can be then I’m willing to bet there is an error on your file. The naca program is set up in such a way that you won’t be denied if you pass credit access unless there’s a change of circumstance an error or a complication in verification. The latter 2 can be rectified. ?


    @Nelsont my MC advised me it was because there was conditions and the BOA underwriter yet to review it. I am keeping my fingers crossed and praying.


    Any updates on this ?


    @Tish89 Thank God we closed on our on Feb 5. Living the dream now


    I have a couple of questions and anyone can chime in. Did you get your keys to your home on the day of closing or did you have to wait a day later after the deed was recorded?


    Depends on local regulations. Usually You sit at the closing table along with the seller in person and the seller will personally hand you the keys.


    @2BLESSED mine is after closing they have to get the funds before we get thebkeys… next morning after we close we get the keys


    ok thanks! Seller is signing deed and all paperwork today so I should hear when I am closing today. Should have been already but that’s another story…


    Hi, it has been my mortgage process after credit access approved:
    MAR05 lender status initial review
    MAR09 file incomplete pending review
    MAR09 New conditions added
    MAR13 Naca fixed conditions
    MAR16 New conditions added
    MAR16 Naca sent Change of circunstances
    MAR17 more conditions added
    MAR23 NACA fixed conditions
    MAR23 lender status initial review
    MAR30 new conditions added
    Mar31 Naca sent Change of circunstances
    Apr02 new conditions added
    Apr02 Naca fixed conditions
    Apr06 underwitting-2nd-opportunity. the file is pending decline (suspended) and is back to a lender underwitter for a second review. No conditions.

    My question is what’s going on? I already have 35 days on the mortgage process. The builder gave me and extension for 30days until MAR31 and now I’m in my 2nd extension until Apr15. What comes next?


    @richard899, we’ve been going through a bit too. We’ve been changing between different pending decline statuses. Today, we got an updated appraisal which included notes from the appraiser about the impact of the pandemic. It also included notes that he could not comment on the potential rental income factor because the area didn’t have comparable data (mainly single family homes in the area that are owner occupied). Right now, our file was sent back to NACA for re-decision. I’m not sure what’s happening, but I’m wondering if they will soon follow FHA’s lead, which is suspending applications during the pandemic. Ultimately, I’m concerned too. We’re right next to a town center and it’s one of the main reasons we wanted to buy, for the walkability, shopping/entertainment. I’m concerned about how the town center will be impacted too.

    Before moving to Virginia, we rented in NJ where there was another town center that eventually became an almost abandoned mall and neighborhood. The apartment building we were in, used to be condos. Some of the condos were foreclosed or occupied, but eventually all the condos were sold to a developer who tuned t into an apartment building. Stores started leaving left and right as another area was building up too. We chose our current property, because the town center that was already established and booming, but now this is happening.


    Has anyone ever since Lender Status: Under Writer – 2nd opportunity during the mortgage process? It also has file is pending decline (suspended).

    Just alittle nervous seeing decline and suspended.


    Hello bdogan914,

    Actually, you question is a little unclear, but what I can tell you is that everyone overreacts when they see that word “suspended” on their file.

    You are almost certainly extremely close to getting your final Clear to Close, but there is something the bank still requires be be able to grant the CTC. In fact, they are so close that there is nothing further that can be done with the file until that item is fulfilled. Therefore, they have to put it in a technical “suspended” status for the moment.

    So not only do people typically overreact to that status, it usually means that you will be getting your Clear to Close very soon!

    Tim Trumble
    Online Operations, NACA


    Thank you so much for your response and reassurance ?


    @bdogan914 did you ever close on your home.

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