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    I have a few lender conditions in my file. We are building a new construction. It is set to be complete in January. I have addressed the other conditions but not sure how to address the remaining conditions. See below.

    1. Hazard Insurance — Provide current hazard insurance policy and any applicable riders or addendums, including second lienholder in second position when applicable. <–Do I need to go online and generate a quote and send to BoA?

    2. Incomplete – Disclosures / Forms — Provide the completed disclosures or forms. The following is needed: Please provide The Real Estate Brokers complete information for the Buyer and Seller. <—Is there a form my Real Estate Agent need to fill out or is there information that she need to add to the real estate agent portal?

    3. Additional Requirement — Provide the following from Title Company: 1.) Title Commitment. 2.) Closing Protection Letter. 3.) Tax Certificate for an improved land. (New Construction) <–Is this something that will come closer to closing or is this something I need to address now. If so, how?


    Yes generate a quote. Once you get the quote click on the button that says buy now. Don’t buy it just go through the motions. You will have the option to either enter in your payment information or send payment to the bank…send the payment to the bank. You will need to enter in the bank of america address in texas. You will get a binder to print out, that’s what they are looking for. Alternatively you can place a phone call and all you need to say is you are trying to buy a house and need a binder and they will know exactly what to do.

    The disclousures sound like a contract issue i.e. they don’t like some of the language or lack there of (this is common). Your agent needs to take care of this. This is technically not for you, just for you pass along.

    Your agent should also be able to help with the title information. Again this is technically not for you.


    @wanthon the disclosure is something your MC and Agent should take care of. I’m using an in house agent so I just made my MC aware of the condition and they took care of it.

    Damien Smith

    Greetings @wanthon,

    I hope this message finds you doing well! Just fyi some conditions are completed by you and others may need to be completed by the NACA or the Bank. However the first one would be completed by you and make sure that you are getting the declaration page and there is verbiage that you get from your MC/closing attorney that you need to make sure that is included in the hazard insurance quote. Number 2 reach out to your real estate agent to review all of your documents. Number 3 would by the Settlement Agent. I hope this helps!


    Damien Smith
    Online Communications, NACA

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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