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    Currently, i am on my 3rd or 4th or 5th counselor. I have since lost track of how many times my file has been shuffled. Mind you, I have been in the approval process or step 1 for over 2 years and have paid my membership fees and multiple credit check fees with no end in sight.

    I was told by my current counselor to upload documents on Sept 15, 2020. I uploaded those files the very next day Sept 16th 2020. Today is November 17, 2020 and still, there is no response after multiple emails to counselor and member services. In addition, i was given a follow up appointment in March of 2021! Im sure i will be paying another credit check fee….

    Please tell me this is not a SCAM!
    Please tell me you only have 5 counselors per 1 million people.
    Please tell me i should expect to be approved approximately in the next 10 years.
    This way, i can save for all the future credit check and member fees.

    I opened this blog account today mainly to vent. Please take my sarcasm with a grain of salt. I am completely appreciative of NACA and what they are doing to help people. However, i may not be one of those people due to a broken incoherent approval process system.

    David B.


    Hi David,

    I am sorry that you are having such a horrible experience. I can tell you from my own experiences that NACA is not a scam. My husband and I recently purchased our dream home with NACA in DC. The process was long and at times unnecessarily complicated but nearly a year into the program, we purchased our room and bought our interest rate down to 1.125 for 30 years. I am not sure which office you are working with, but I worked with the DC office and MC did her best. even while being overwhelmed.

    Keep at it! It works!


    I too have to vouch for naca. Like @clafontant05 said, it can be complicated at times and difficult to get a response from people… Most to do with the pandemic this year.

    I have not closed yet but have been approved and given a commitment from Bank of America. House is being built as we speak.

    I only started the process in June 2020 and am on my 2nd counselor (previous counselor quit, office only has two counselor for the DE, South NJ and Philly area). With being shorthanded my counselor rarely responds, I usually have to cc the office manager also so that they can help if he’s busy.

    Have you tried reaching out to someone other than your counselors in the local office and explain your situation?


    I’m sorry your experience has been so horrible. I have to say it’s definitely not a scam. I think I was naca qualified in June of this year and just moved into a VERY nice home theWeekend before last. Our counselor was responsive. It did get hectic at times but the reward is much worth it. I dealt with the Baltimore office and I’m grateful I got a good counselor. Just stay persistent in trying to reach out and use member services as a tool. I hope things come together for you!!


    I still have not heard back from anyone since sending e-mail to regional managers as well as my counselor. Would anyone here who posted be able to help me get an update on my file? Again, no communication since September…


    Copy your naca lynx address. Send everything in one email even if it’s already been submitted. Itemize your email and say this should be everything needed for underwriting.

    Then ask to clearly verify and explain what is needed from you and if there is anything you can do to help move your file along.

    It’s entirely possible you are missing something or your MC thinks you are missing something in which case you won’t be submitted for underwriting.


    @clafontant05 I am in the dc area too. I am curious how your process was as i had my intake today and am worried about the type of housing we would be eligible for given the high prices for everything. any insight or tips is appreciated.


    I am in the same boat as dayjob13 this program has helped many people; but will it help me remains to be seen


    I am in a similar boat. I just attended the ATD event over the weekend, I spoke with an event counselor and gave him everything we needed. He told us what we would be preliminary qualified for, but said that he needed more time to look over our file and that he would call us back the next day.

    The following day, Sunday, he sent an email to the go meeting and we joined but he was offline the entire time.

    I called the local office today and they told me that nothing was done with our file. That all it shows is that I entered a chat room.

    We have prepared for this thing for months and was so excited to hopefully be qualified only for that hope to be dashed. My local office said that they wouldn’t be able to see anyone until the fall and my best bet would be the ATD.

    Is there anything else we can do to see someone? This is frustrating.

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