Is There a Webfile Status Change When Credit Access is Submitted?

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    We had our Credit Access meeting on Tuesday, addressed conditioned by Wednesday. Our MC said he’d submit our file for Credit Access same day, but i haven’t seen a status change – should I be expecting one?


    Did you receive a text notification “credit access-request”? I think we may be around the same point in our timelines. I received that yesterday, but no webfile changes that I can see at the moment?


    I don’t know if mine was submitted yet but my webfile says intake preparation, which is weird since just yesterday it was showing as housing search. Is this what happens when they submit you for credit access?


    The webfile status is a manual update. It is not necessary to occur in order for a process to move on. It requires an acutal step, does nothing except change a title and is often forgotten by your MC and the UW or at least not updated until after the fact. Sometimes people click on the wrong button. Don’t worry. Monitor it just don’t take it as gospel.

    My webfile was pending until 3 months after I closed…

    The text messages, even though they claim they work, only seem to work with some carriers. Basically everybody who has verizon I think gets the texts. Maybe AT&T. Tmobile customers never receive any texts. Any piggy back carriers like Mint, cricket, metro pcs, boost mobile etc as well as other smaller carriers like US cellular also do not get text messages I dont think. Hit or miss anyway.


    Awesome, thanks @Nelsont . The MC said we should hear back within 2 days of submission, so I’ll trust everything is moving forward as he said unless I don’t hear back by Monday or Tuesday. We’re 60ish days out from closing, so no need for me to panic just yet.


    Thanks @Nelsont! And how exciting @BakertheBaker hoping things go smooth!! I have about 80 days til closing so I am not panicked but it would be nice to have the nervousness of credit access behind me.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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