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    @determined1227 Now you just have to wait for lender conditions. However, since we are not able to see them on the webfile anymore, you have to keep bugging your closing coordinator following up and checking what’s the status of your file and asking if there’s something for you to do or provide


    @southflorida I’ve been doing that since yesterday. I’m so ready to close. I feel like I’m so close but just haven’t gotten their yet


    @ttrumble why do I have 2 loan numbers ?


    @determined1227 Have you closed yet?


    @butterfly123 no I have not and this is really starting to upset me. I’ve been under contract since the end of July and feel like I get almost their and then something happens. My closing date is scheduled for Oct 15, 2018 now but we were looking to close oct 5 which was today which was the other closing date but I haven’t gotten a CTC yet. Now what makes me a little upset is I’ve had conditions in my file since 9/25 and have been emailing my CC everyday since I’ve been in mortgage processing asking her what i needed to do or turn in since we couldn’t see our conditions in our file & she literally just told me about all or most of the conditions this week which I did get address so if she would have given me the conditions last week when they were placed in my file , i believe I would have been closing today ??


    I’m glad we are now able to see conditions which is a good thing. You can see if they are responding to the conditions. Whenever I addressed conditions, I sent them to my file, CC, MC, and another MC that was in the office. As frustrating as it has been, you’ve been a trooper. You’ve come to far to give up, so keep calling and emailing. 10/15 is your day!! 🙂


    @butterfly123 yes I’m glad we can see the conditions now too she said we could possibly close sooner. Have you closed yet ?


    It would he awesome if they speeded it up for you. You’ve had a long journey. I haven’t closed yet.


    @butterfly123 , @ttrumble , @southflorida my file says SUSPENDED what does this mean I’m really freaking out


    @determined1227 That’s awesome!! I hope things continue to move for you.


    @butterfly123 my file went from suspended> C&I approved > suspended again and my closing is on Monday oct 15th


    @determined1227 if you have received your CD I wouldn’t worry. Your file still has time to change to CTC-final by Monday.


    @butterfly123 I haven’t received my CD yet and my closing moved from oct 15th to the 19th and I’ve had conditions that haven’t fully be addressed even after I’ve turned everything in. I’m scared I’m going to lose my condo at this point


    this sounds so scary and I’m afraid I won’t get anywhere with this program. I just found out about this forum today as I sat here wondering if I should even say something about what’s going on in my case.

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