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    @southflorida Your numbers are off from what my MC HAS my condo fee is 260 he has my mortgage at $863 which is my PITI @ttrumble why is this I’ve mentioned this that i think my numbers are off but no one seems to be hearing me


    Remember that the number I gave you is just the principal and interest payment which is $339, you have to add taxes, insurance and in this case condo association which you are saying is $260 so $339+$260=$599 If taxes and insurance are about $264 then the number that your MC gave you may be right. what’s the amount of taxes and insurance? do you have a realtor? he/she can give you those numbers. The taxes is basically the amount of yearly taxes that the current owner paid last year, you will inherit that amount at least at the beginning and that’s what will be used in your affordability calculation, that’s public records in your county’s website and you can look up the address and you can divide the tax amount by 12 and that’s your monthly property tax amount. For the insurance you can shop around a request a quote to insurance companies.


    @southflorida Okay, I got cha! Now my thing is I’d like to know where the underwriter is getting his figures from because his figures are 1k off from the figures my MC has


    How do you know what the underwriter’s figures are? Did your MC contact you to sign and submit the bank application? did you already get your 401K check on the mail?


    @southflorida I know what the underwriter’s figures are because my MC likes to “copy & paste” what the underwriter’s send me as conditions. I emailed my MC numerous times about the bank app and he contacted me yesterday about coming in today to sign this form, So he is letting me come in later tonight at 7pm to sign the form, and we’re also going to talk about why my numbers are off (I made sure of this as it is very important that I know these figures). Also no I haven’t received the check in the mail yet, but as I stated before I did provide them with a statement showing that I do have the available funds for the buy-down it’s just not available in my money market acct yet


    @determined1227 Make sure as soon as your bank app is submitted (your status will change) you find out the name and email of your closing coordinator. I got automated no-reply emails that there were lender conditions in my file, but never got any emails from a closing coordinator, I didnt even know who it was.

    I went to my local NACA office and my MC was able to see the conditions and send them to me. Also, I took care of the forms they needed me to sign right then and there. My MC sent my CC an email and copied me, that’s how I knew who it was.

    Stay on top of them!


    @pearl609 I’ve already got assigned a closing coordinator about 3 weeks ago. I already know whom she is and I speak with her about twice a week and I received my closing coordinator before I even got credit access approved


    Hello determined1227,

    The documents showing that the 401K funds were on the way are indeed what got you moving forward. Otherwise you would have been held up until the check arrived and was deposited in your bank.

    Glad to see a friend stepped up and got you out of that hotel too.

    Also worth noting that the underwriter review that broke up the logjam happened DURING the run of the Atlanta event! 😉

    Now… Go get your house!

    Tim Trumble
    Online Operations, NACA

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    @ttrumble the check will actually be deposited tomorrow or Saturday , I’m in the mortgage process stage and hope to close by next week is I can . My MC SAID THAT THEY ARE TRYING TO SPEED UP MY FILE TO GET ME CLOSED SO THAT’S WHAT I’M HOPING FOR. And yes my best friend is allowing us to stay with her rent free until we close and I’m so thankful for this . Do you think I’ll close by next Friday 9/28/18?


    Did you submit the bank application yesterday? I’m hoping everything is expedited in your case but I think it’s very hard that the whole bank application process will happen in only one week


    @southflorida we did submit my bank app yesterday night and you’re probably correct I maybe won’t close in a week but it’s wishful thinking


    Awesome news @determined1227! Things are rolling for you!


    @butterfly123 seems that way I’m just ready to close already we’ve been under contract since July and whom ever said anything about a 28 day closing show doesn’t apply to me lol


    Every file and situation is unique. It didn’t happen in your case but the best part is that you didn’t give up! You hung in there. Soon you’ll be able to kick back and enjoy your new home! You deserve it.


    @butterfly123 I’m hoping to close really soon citi bank has now pulled my credit report and my credit score went down (767 now) which sucks which is to be expected but I’m ready to get this CTC @TTRUMBLE I ALSO RECEIVED MY CHECK AND DEPOSITED IT INTO MY ACCOUNT SO ALL OF THE FUNDS ARE AVAILABLE FOR BUY DOWN AND MRF…. @SOUTHFLORIDA WHAT ARE THE NEXT STEPS AFTER THIS I’M TRYING TO UPLOAD AND UPDATE EVERYTHING SO THAT I CAN TO GET THIS CTC AS SOON AS POSSIBLE

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