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    Yesterday, for the upteenth time, Citi asked for another stupid condition regarding bank statements and copies of earnest money checks, etc. I gave my MC the condition at 10am. I had been in C&I Status for 2 weeks and I was wondering when it would go to UTW CTC or something like this so I thought my close would be next week or the week after and I would have to get a written amendment with the seller to extend the close date.

    All of sudden, at 3:07pm, someone I never heard of from NACA says I have a CTC Final. Then my attorney is responding and is confirming to a 9am meeting to close the next day and sure, me and my husband will be there. Meanwhile, I am working and not seeing ant of this. My attorney texts me and says “Can I close tomorrow? I do not want to confirm unless you and your husband can come.” (Meanwhile, she already did). I said what”Clear to Close?” I told her I am still in C&I status. She said it changed and then that is when I looked at the emails and logged in to see my status and sure enough it said CTC Final. I asked my attorney if this out of nowhere thing happened before and she said she never saw this before.

    I am then bombarded with emails with title companies and this and that and I have to ask my boss off of work and when my husband finally confirms he can call out, we say yes. I had to set up a wire with my bank at 6pm to pay the title company the next day (today the 29) based on the 1st CD I got from Citi 2 days before. I also had to rent a car for the closing to drive to NJ, found out the walk thorough HAD to be done before the closing and scheduled an 8am walkthrough.

    So today at the walkthrough, the realtor told me the seller still had stuff in the house since the close was so last minute and we would get keys after the close, he would meet us back at the house with them. He says the seller was coming at 9am to get rid of his stuff. We said ok and then tried to get in the house. Then the keys our realtor had didn’t work. They got stuck in the door! The seller had to come 30 mins later so I was already late for the close by 43 minutes.

    The close is the quickest NACA appt you will ever do. And everyone is in the Philly event so only the receptionist was there today. It was about 40 mins and we signed a lot of papers and I finally met my very interesting attorney in person. Apparently we overpaid in the wire so I got a refund check from the title company and that is about it. We only needed our IDs (Drivers license) at the closing. Our earnest money deposit was 3,000, loan was $330,000 with 4% rate and our additional closing costs were 6,000 (instead of the 8k we wired, hence the refund b/c the CD amounts changed) plus I got a $250 for a repair the seller did not want to do that was waived.

    Something things I have not heard many people say (recommended to me by my realtor, guy who did the title AND my attorney) is to change the locks the minute you get the keys. We got the keys from our realtor since he had to call the seller. I had to call a locksmith and paid $300 for 2 locks to be changed. Thank God I got a refund check for almost 2,000 to cover this. You also have to change the utilities the day you take possession of the house. The attorney’s assistant an my realtor told me what #s to call for the utilities. While my husband dealt with the very expensive 24 hour locksmith from Google, I was calling and setting up the gas, water, electric, internet. I still have to do the sewage, garbage and security (ADT). I am surprised I have to pay sewage & trash since I have lived in Brooklyn for almost 15 years! I also have to buy a car in the next 3 months, so much money leaving my bank account…

    My attorney did say I have to “volunteer” and NACA will apparently “check up” on me to make sure I am still living in the house. With this much $$$ spent, I would only be living under a bridge, I am broke. I have heard from others they stopped volunteering after, so I guess we will see.

    To everyone else waiting for closing, the close can really happen at last minute notice, we closed on the actual closing date.


    Congratulations! Thanks for sharing your experience. I’m not sure if I could’ve moved that fast lol. You did great! – Clarice

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    man i hope this happens for me tomorrow i hate living on edge!!! Congratulations this should have been us today too!!


    Hello gordiva123,

    CONGRATULATIONS! Enjoy your home!

    Tim Trumble
    Online Opertaions, NACA

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