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    If you are having issues signing into your NACA Webfile, the most common reason for this is that the password that you are using may be incorrect.

    Changing your password is easy. The first step is to get to a login page, where NACALynx will ask you for your NACA ID number and your password. Do not type anything in just yet. Under the Password field you will see a set of buttons, go ahead and click on the button that says “Email me my password”. Once you do this, the website will ask you for your NACA ID number, and your email address. Fill in the form, and click the OK button. You will receive a new, temporary password in your email within 5 to 10 minutes.

    The first time you use this temporary password, you will be forced to change it. In the change password form, the current password is the one that NACA had emailed to you, then finish by filling in the New password and Confirm password fields. Be sure to follow the directions on the change password page to make a secure and hard to guess password.

    Some common issues with resetting your password on the website are:

    If the website does not change to ask for your NACA ID number and email address and still asks for your Password, most likely you are using an incompatible browser. Our website is designed to work with Microsoft Internet Explorer version 7 or higher. Other browsers may not display information correctly.

    If you don’t remember what email address you signed up with, or you need to change your email address that we have on file, please call Member Services at 1-888-302-6222, option 4.

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