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    I’m struggling over here finding out how many total lines of credit is required. I’m seeing on my action plan that I need three alternative lines of credit. I currently have one credit card which I’ve had for years. Will that one credit card be accepted as one of those forms of alternative credit or does it mean I need a total of 4 credit lines that are active. One being the credit and three alternatives.

    I did my best to pull the internet bills, and car insurance bill but I’m unable to pull anything else. As it stands now I only have a prepaid phone which is tough getting 12 months of records. Called the company and they said the only way they can pull 12 months is to get a court order against my own records. ??? I have a renters insurance policy but that is paid every six months. I try to live with as minimal bills as possible. I’m in total savings mode. No car note, or other monthly payment commitments that are required to be paid on time. Netflix I treat like a prepaid service. Only pay when needed.

    I can’t fall back on the electric bill because it’s under my roommates name.

    Any suggestions?

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    3. They say alternative to distinguish the difference between a credit card and service provided to you. Think of it this way. Your cable and internet bill and your utility bill are sent to you with the balance due for the past month. That means you were given a month of service on credit.

    I only had 1 credit card and 1 open car loan as forms of actual credit lines. You can use phone bills cable bills and utility bills. Basically anything that shows your ability to consistently pay on time.

    My best advice is to ask your MC if what you have is sufficient. It probably is.


    That was my fear. I’m wondering also if I can just pull my bank account records for the consistency of phone payments. With that I can at least show that I’ve made payments the same date each month for the same phone bill for over a year since it’s auto drafted from my account. I guess worse case scenario I will just have to subpoena the phone company. I just would had my qualification to be delayed.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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