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    I am so confused, I had my second meeting with my MC, we did not really go over anything, we spent most of the time of her trying to get the bank statements transferred for over an our because I had scanned them and she said they were not legible, I had to go in and download and send statements from three months from four bank accounts, we did not go over the budget or anything, she did not verify any of the documents I have sent and basically gave me the same action plan in which I did everything on there,

    She did not even have our income right when I have sent benefit letters and stubs, she had us at almost a thousand dollars less than what we receive, The budget sheet shows we have more money to save because for one thing we no longer have to pay $503.00 for consolidation because we paid it off, but it tells me to establish a maintainable household budget, it says we have an increase in debt but we have a decrease.

    We started this journey at the beginning of last years, we got stalled because the phone lines were shut down, I did not get an appointment until October, I tried emailing and calling her from October till I appt this month to no avail, there were things
    she was supposed to tell me to do that she did not at the first meeting because she forgot and it was not in the action plan, like what letters to type explanations of different names and addresses on credit report reasons for inquires, every deposit and with drawl from account explanation (which I do not know why because it is not the house account) and this set us behind, now she is saying we will not be mortgage ready for 6-12 months, that is not right, this is getting really frustrating.

    I have tried to get through to members service over and over to no avail it just keeps giving me a busy signal everyday.


    The person you need to be explaining this to is your MC. There is a good reason for their logic and unfortunately it sometimes comes down to miscommunication or a misunderstanding on your side and/or theirs.

    It is not easy to change MCs in part due to the security involved. Naca’s process has led to zero claimed cases of identity theft in nearly 40 years. No other financial institution can say that. Without a legitimate case such as moving to a new state you will need to submit an official request to change MCs (not sure exactly how to do that) which needs to be reviewed by naca’s corporate HQ in Boston. They will determine whether or not a change is appropriate and either approve or deny the change in MCs.

    One thing is for certain, in all cases a new MC will almost start you over from scratch with a counselor not familiar with your file who needs to set up a meeting with you go over what you have already done. You will also not get preferential treatment and it will be like your first intake meeting so you will be scheduled at their earliest convenience.

    Because of that you will likely not save any time and possibly even lose time. It would behoove you to see if you can schedule a follow up appointment with your current MC if you have not already and in the meantime email them and copy your naca lynx address. Simply ask for clarification on your action plan and clearly and concisely explain why you think you are ready now without going into as much detail has you have here. If you just say something like can you please help me understand this when I have already decreased my debt, that might get you moving.


    I have called her and emailed her, and the plain simple fact is she did not go over my information, she did not know this or that she kept saying let me see, and to all of sudden give me all that other stuff to do is not acceptable when she should have told me the first time as I stated the whole meeting was spent trying to download statements that she told me to email so she could download to my file, we did not discuss anything else, and if you got our income wrong when I have sent all income documents, it shows you are not looking. You can not get in touch with most counselors I read that too many times, from October till this month I tried multiple times, and when I call member’s service they would say that couldn’t answer me, couldn’t open my file, or your counselor is the best one to answer that question, even my agent that I did three-way with can attest to that. I might as well start over because she does not have things right or something.


    I am going with another source I got approved for an fha loan with $38,000.00 downpayment assistance I just could not go another year with not being able to get info or get return calls, or emails from counselor that told me I would not be mortgage ready for six months to a year, I knew that was not true because I paid off, did what she told me, until she gave me other things to do that she forgot to tell me to do in the first meeting, and again I have things I do not understand and still can not get in touch with her and member service never can answer and tell me she is the best person to ask, but I can not get her to return calls or emails so it is a lose lose.

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