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    For those who used an in house realtor, were you given a limit on the number of houses they would take you to see, period.

    I have seen 5 houses and base off of pictures they looked like they could work for me and my family, but upon taking a tour I just felt like none of them met my needs. Now, the realtor seems angry that I didn’t make a decision and is passing me off to the other in-house realtor, who has this same 5 house and make a decision belief.


    I went through NACA 4 years ago and got to see as many as I wanted. Obv it is not ideal for them however who cares! It is where you will spend a significant part of your life!!! Fire them and get a new one. Nothing wrong with that! Go with another in-house one. I am sure they will have no issues with that whatsoever.


    No, I’ve seen about 25 houses so far using NACA’s in house realtor. I’ve put in a few offers but nothing has panned out. My realtor was definitely patient and I never felt pressured.


    I just started my house search and the in-house realtor is very nice and always said if your not satisfied with the realtor FIRE THAT PERSON! I actually have decided to go with outside realtor because I fear being forced into something for time sake. I havent even seen a house yet because of whats available. Im not settling for just anything. Take your time. Your the one payi g the mortgage!

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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