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    Okay so I’m a little confused on a couple of things. When I read the book about household members being 21 and older it kinda dawned on me that my MC unknowingly misguided me with information/action plan since she never asked my sister age.

    My 19 year old sister and I share a bank account and currently live together while she’s in college. In the future, we will not be living together since she’ll be moving with her college friends. I’ve told my MC that she will not be living with me and i’ll be willing to take her off my bank bank account if it’s going to be a hassle. However, she told me that were “co mingling” so my sister will need to come in and do a credit access and sign a paper about to tell what funds are mines and our relationship (which ALL funds are mine and my sister is on the account to have access when I TDY or deploy but I understand). Again my sister is under 21 so will she still need to get her credit pulled? If she’s taken off my bank account will she still need to sign the paper?

    Can @TTrumble or anyone help me with this?


    I think because she is on your account they want to verify. Nothing more.

    The thing with buying any house and going through naca is no exception if you don’t want the creditors/counselors/underwriters looking at something then just don’t have any record of it. AKA nobody in this industry will just take your word for it.


    Hello teeqee,

    You need to make certain that it is clear that your sister will not be a member of the household in your new home. You should write a Letter of Explanation to be signed by both of you, making it clear that your sister is staying with you temporarily.

    You will probably have to remove her from the account, and write another letter simply stating that all funds in the account are yours and have been earned by only you.

    Tim Trumble
    Online Operations, NACA


    Hi there,

    I have a question regarding adding a household member under the age of 21 to our process.

    My youngest sister, 11 years old has asked me if she could move with me once the process is complete. She’s more like my daughter and is disappointed that we will be leaving her. My parents have agreed to let her move with me, however, my husband and I are at our final steps of being qualified.

    Will I need custody documents in order to add her to our household? Will this slow down our approval process?

    It’s already exhausting trying to get a hold of my MC, and I really don’t want this to be another barrier to overcome.

    Help please. Any help or advice is appreciated.


    Based on your sister’s age, I don’t think it would affect the process because of her age and because she does not have any income or debt, I would recommend not to do anything about it and just continue the process as it is even if she will be moving in with you. However, even though I am a real estate agent, I am not a NACA counselor or a NACA employee, I just wanted to clarify that just in case, that’s just my opinion and my recommendation

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