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    Are there any repair waiver example letters available I can take a look either provided by HAND or otherwise?


    There is no letter. It’s a request. If you feel a certain repair is not necessary in order to close simply reach out to your rehab specialist and ask to waive the repair. They will decide if the repair is waive-able or not. I can’t remember if I had to fill out a form. My hand clearance form simply had “Cleared” and “Waived” hand written by the rehab specialist next to each required repair.

    HAND lists everything related to health and safety as required whether or not it actually is a hazard. You can waive required repairs in situations where the functionality or livability is not compromised. Like if the hot and cold water on your kitchen faucet is reversed but, otherwise working.

    An example of a non-waive-able repair could be something like the furnace doesn’t work at all.


    @mrunkewl actually HAND has a form letter ( Member Acknowledgement & Hold Harmless ) that you can use to waive repairs.
    You can try sending them an email to see if they can provide it for you.
    HAND Dept. 210 319 2978; HAND@naca.com

    If you have a way to provide your email i can send it to you. I got it from one of their webinars i attended recently.


    Great, thanks all will reach out to HAND


    Hello Everyone,

    I have been reading a lot of you all’s stories and I have required repairs that are just cosmetic and I been trying to reach to my HRC but no response. I’m trying to be patient because as of right now BOA approved me and sent me my commitment letter. The required repairs have been addressed with the seller. If someone had the form that would definitely help and then maybe had will contact my Tuesday since Monday is a holiday. My email is Positivemindset19@yahoo.com. Thanks

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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