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    I’m scheduled to close on Wednesday (3/25). The repairs were completed last week and I sent in a final inspection waiver (it was railings for a deck and replacing part of a fence, nothing major) last week. I have not heard from my HAND specialist, my MC, or anyone in regards to clearing the file. I’ve sent in a LOE, the waiver, and photos of the completed work in lieu of having it reinspected because my entire area is on lock down due to Coronavirus. I’ve been in real estate for 7 years and my working professional knowledge should be acceptable during this crisis – the repairs are to my satisfaction as the buyer and agent. Reinspection wouldn’t happen for 30 days and that’s just unfeasible.

    My local MC quit, then the office manager quit, and I’m currently assigned to the Regional Manager – Washington Ryles – haven’t heard one word from him. Can’t get Cynthia Fletcher with HAND to call me back. Dwayne at the processing department deserves to run the entire show – he’s the only one who has reached out to me during this entire process, I’ve had to hunt everyone else down. I’m about 3 seconds away from CC’ing B Marks himself.

    Being homeless during a pandemic does not sound like fun to me and I need to get this done. Suggestions? @nelsont @ttrumble

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    3/25 is on your contract or closing disclosure?

    If closing disclosure then possibly. If contract then realistically add a few weeks.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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