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    I attended NACA in Los Angeles last October while in foreclosure with OCWEN as my servicer. I subsequently was approved under the HAMP program and was SO VERY HAPPY. I made every 1 of the trial payments on time, and then received the package of paperwork to sign to make it permanent. I sent the paperwork in at the end of December having until MArch 1, 2013 as a deadline to turn it in.

    My heart dropped the other daY WHEN I WENT ON OCWEN’S site to make my April payment. I was locked out and could not use the payment interface so I called customer service. I was told that I owed $46,000 and was I calling to make that payment. I flipped!!! They said thety never received my paperwork and my HAMP was denied. I explanied I sent paperwork in. They said they never got it. Unfortunatley the mistake i made was not to send it rrgistered or via ovwernight and have no proof !!

    I am completely outraged!! I have a wife with Cancer and 3 kids under 9. I must have this mod to keep our home. Can I get them to open my mod back up (they said no( or can I even get another HAMP MOD? I WAS TURNED DOWN FOR A OCWEN in house mod.

    Have you heard of this before??What can I do??

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    Hello bobbyt55,

    Your failure to use the prepaid FedEx envelope that every servicer includes with every modification was indeed a huge mistake. Not only is there no way to track the documents, but why you did not use the return medium they had already paid for will give them reason to question whether or not you actually did return the documents.

    Additionally, did you continue to make the payments each month after the trial period ended? Your comment about going to their website implies that you did. Continuing those payments each month until the modification is closed and the loan is returned to normal servicing under the new terms is essential to securing the permanent modification.

    Your only viable option is going to be attending the American Dream Event that opens in Ontario on Thursday. I found your file and it appears that you will need to update the file and submit a new proposal, but by doing so you will be able to sit face to face with an Ocwen rep and try to straighten things out.

    Come over-prepared. Every document you think might be relevant should be brought. Not just the normal documents like pay stubs, bank statements, tax returns and so on, but your copy of the previous modification documents, payment history since the trial period began, etc. If you have any doubt, bring it.

    Please update us on what happens. I wish you the best.

    Tim Trumble
    Online Operations, NACA

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