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    I have been in this program almost 4 years….NO I syill haven’t completed a purchase because at the last minute my counselor quits or flakes and I have had to extend rental leases for 4 years due to this issue. WELL, I’m trying again and it seems the counselor I was reassigned to (since my other counselor quit AGAIN in February and left me waving in the wind) is not concerned. Myself and my realtor has sent multiple email messages and she won’t reply. I send in documents and she won’t look at them for days on end, THEN tells me I need other things. I have found a HUD Foreclosure, had inspections, paid earnest money, had pest inspections, received my list from HAND and she has YET to send my file to the Bank!! I am literally in tears since HUD has such a strict closing timeline, I could lose all of my money and all monies spent on inspections and such. I swear I wish I could travel to another location to finish this process, but now I think she just doesn’t want to assist me because her lack of knowledge got up to some people in the headquarters. She’s a sweet lady, but I am in pure PANIC mode! Nobody that I have reached out to will even assist because they say she is supposed to do it. Who helps members when they can’t find the help locally???

    Sincerely FRUSTRATED!


    Have you been able to get a resolution?


    Still no resolution and my email messages and my realtor’s messages aren’t being replied to. I have no idea what’s going on.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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