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    I became NACA qualified and have been in the underwriting process since 10/2021, my file has not been worked/updated since 10/2021 and my lease was terminated 5/2022. My family and I are living out of a hotel, no rent to report, which affects payment shock. When I spoke to NACA before it got to this point I was always brushed off, one representative told me, “You worry too much!”

    Since I paid my membership fee for the year and still need to fight for stability, I am writing to shed light on how one person’s lack of action impacts others lives. NACA members are typically renters whose landlord is not willing to wait forever on a decision of lease renewal while NACA is “working their file.” If the counselors are overworked speak-up don’t cause this detriment to families!

    I have consulted with an attorney, but NACA leadership in FL refuses to respond to her and stated that this seems like shady unethical practices and it’s not right.

    Kay Cee

    It’s heartbreaking to read about your situation. Not having rent may not negatively impact your payment shock. I’m a current homeowner with no mortgage payment, my payment shock is the estimated PITI for my new build. So, the same may work for your situation where you can just show you’re saving your PITI amount. I’m sure you’ve probably tried member services but what about the unofficial Facebook group…I saw another user on here recommended it to someone else (it’s supposed to be a good resource). Hopefully you can get some help/clarity…best wishes on things working out for you soon!!


    Thank you so so much for your kind words! It means a lot to me. I was beginning to think that this blog, like NACA’s legal email address, is a blackhole or fake. I continue to let God order my steps and handle the greedy heartless souls in this world in his own way own timing!

    Kay Cee

    Hopefully you’ve started to make some lead way either with your attorney or NACA’s higher ups but yesssss definitely give this battle to God. 🙂


    The attorney is great, patient and understanding- truly blessed to crossed paths with her.

    NACA leadership has truly disgusted me. Upon talking to the manager’s manager, I was told things such as the counselors have thousands of members each and counting because the program cannot turn anyone away. I was also told NACA has over 3 million members no obligation or liability and hard to “sue” because they are a non-profit.

    Comments such as this is why I am turning it over to God as directed. He knows everyone’s heart hears conversations we don’t hear and knows addresses and assets.

    Some people you do not mess with and God doesn’t play about me! I’ve had front row seats of the karma on those who wronged me- this is no different.

    Seems a common practice to negate files for months on end and this is how class action suits start.

    But I’m going to take a step back, watch Father work and keep you posted!

    Kay Cee

    Yea the excuse of MC’s having large case loads is something a lot of us have been told. My file was ready but sat over 4 months causing me to pay for a credit report twice before initially getting submitted to UW. Things got better after I signed my contract and was switched to the office manager as my MC. Now I’m having issues with my builder!! SMH

    Anyway, it is really unfortunate things didn’t eventually get better for you with this program. I believe it’s good in what they offer but the stagnant process and lack of communication needs refining. Too many clients are ‘paying the price’ for their overworked counselors.

    Glad your attorney is good and more importantly good to know you are familiar with how God fights our battles and those who wrong us reap what they sow (my same stance on my builder)!! Definitely, please keep me posted…looking forward to a positive testimony from you soon. 🙏🏼

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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