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    Thank you NACA for resurecting the forums.

    I didn’t qualify for the gov’t program because my loan was too big. Wells Fargo then took me into its own loan mod program.

    I worried that this meant I was no longer under NACA protection. I hope I still am.

    After much back-and-forth re-submitting documents for WF’s program via the NACA web site, yesterday I received a first-class letter denying me a loan mod because of “NPV”, Negative Present Value.

    Obviously, I want to fight and I have learned that there are a couple of ways of doing it. However, they are do-it-yourself solutions.

    I would like to know a) if I am still under NACA protection and b) whether NACA has a procedure to help people who’ve been denied for NPV.

    Again, thanks to NACA and the people of the forum for the community and the support.

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    Hello SlicedBread,

    Welcome Back! The fact that your loan was more than the $729,000 limit for a HAMP modification in no way affected your eligibility for other modification programs or NACA’s ability to work with you.

    You appear to have a slight misunderstanding of “NPV”. NPV actually stands for Net Present Value, not Negative Present Value. It is in fact a very complicated formula (using more than fifty different factors in some cases) used to determine the value of a property relative to the loan. It is a formula that all banks use, not just Wells Fargo. In short, it is used primarily to determine if the servicer comes out better financially by modifying the loan or foreclosing if the homeowner cannot bring the loan current. Generally, a positive NPV means they do better by modifying and a negative NPV generally indicates they have less to lose by foreclosing.

    A negative NPV however does not guarantee that they will foreclose. We have succeeded in many cases where there has been a negative NPV. We will simply have to try again. Please contact me by e-mail so we may begin the process of creating and submitting a new proposal.


    Tim Trumble
    Online Operations, NACA

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    Thanks, Tim, I have written you an email with a few more details, and my NACA id.

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