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    Hello everyone,

    This is my first post in the forum, but have been reading many of the posts by other forum members for guidance. I attended the workshop in June 2018, had my first intake appointment in person August 2018, and was told I would be able to be submitted to UW in Dec. Today I had my 3rd appointment, but was over the phone as I live 4 hours away from the NACA office. I had a phone appointment Nov 21, but it was cancelled 3 hours prior to the appointment time and rescheduled for today. With each appointment I’m told to submit documents that I’ve already submitted. It is evident during the appointments that my MC does not look at submitted documents until she is on the phone with me. I had a landlord verification form completed and submitted to her 3 weeks ago and today she realized that it was completed incorrectly. The reason that it was submitted 3 weeks ago is because she hadn’t sent it to him on 2 other occasions. She said she had, but he never received the form. She computed my MRF and payment shock incorrectly and said that I did not have a consistent savings pattern when I know for a fact that I do. I am beyond frustrated right now. I feel like I’m going around in circles, with no end near in sight. I am resubmitting the documents that she says were “missing” tonight, but I have to wait until Dec 31 for another phone appointment for her to review all of the documents and then submit to UW. She said that she cannot submit to UW until we have another appointment. She still does not have an employment verification form completed from my previous employer. She was supposed to submit that request 3 months ago and still nothing!! Can anyone tell me if this is typical? I’m giving this one last shot for the Dec 31 appointment and may be throwing in the towel. I just feel like everything is so disorganized, I cannot deal with constant chaos, and this is what this process has been for me so far. I keep wondering if this part of the process is stressful and I’m not qualified yet, what will it be like in the next few months? Any feedback would be helpful. Thank you for you time.

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    @ClaimingIt513 unfortunately I just think this is the NACA process for some people. Everyone’s experience is so different so I can’t say if it’s typical. Usually people only post here when things are going bad so it’s hard to tell how many people have an easy NACA experience. It sucks while you are doing it and it’s very stressful, but as soon as you close, it’s the best feeling in the world. Is there anyway you could call your local office daily or once a week and make sure your MC hasn’t had any cancellations you can take? The receptionist should be able to check their schedule for you. It’s a good thing when they ask for documents again because that means they are looking at and working on your file.
    Try and stick with it, no other mortgage company can give you what NACA can, it will take more patience than you think you have, but trust me it will be worth it.


    Also once I got past qualification I do feel like I was given a bit more priority. My Housing Counselor changed to a Mortgage Counselor who had a mortgage broker license so maybe you’ll get switched to a more responsive counselor once you’re qualified.


    @housebunny thank you for your feedback. This makes me feel better about the process, knowing that this is the way things typically unfold. Hopefully I will be qualified by the beginning of the new year.

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