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    Hi Everyone,

    I was wondering if there is an exemption to the 30 day rule for employment gap for the following circumstance:

    During my time as a student, I was admitted into the government’s pathways program, which is a program that allows students to explore government-related careers ( if you have any college-aged children, I highly recommend this program. It’s great full-time work and a rewarding introduction to the work force).

    Unfortunately, the Pathways Program requires participants to be a student, so upon graduation from my program in August 2019, I was no longer eligible for employment. Like many students, it took me a couple months to find and get hired for a career job. I’ve had consistent employment since then, and have been on the job for a little over a year in a job related to the program I graduated from. Can an LOE produce an exemption based on my circumstances? What options do I have? The employment gap was caused by circumstances outside of my control. I can provide documentation of the program’s eligibility requirements if needed.

    Thank you!



    Are there any experts available to answer my question? From looking at other posts, I believe @TTrumble and @Nelsont work for NACA


    Sorry @ShianneL I do not work for Naca. I am not positive about your situation. I think the scenario that exempts you from the employment gap is if you take time off to pursue education and return to work immediately after. This is usually a sabbatical as opposed to leaving the workforce. Based on your post I am not sure if you would be able to count your time with the Pathways Program. @ttrumble is indeed a NACA employee. He is the forum moderator and well versed in nearly everything NACA related. Tim and your MC would be your best sources.

    In my opinion, while not exactly the best news, if it turns out that you need to wait until Fall 2021 to meet your 2 year work history criteria for qualification then you will have had an extra 10 months of savings and will be in a much better position to buy a house. I hope everything works out for you, good luck!


    Hello ShianneL,

    Unfortunately, there is nothing in the circumstances you describe that would qualify for an exemption to the 30-day gap rule. Circumstances beyond your control are not a factor, because the rule relates directly to consistency of income and therefore ability to make the mortgae payment each and every month without fail.

    The fact that your graduation was the cause of your ineligibility for the program was something you were aware of well in advance of it happening and in fact was not totally beyond your control as a result.

    You will have to build two year work history before becoming qualified.

    Tim Trumble
    Online Operations, NACA


    @TTrumble Yes, I knew that graduation was a requirement for continued employment, but a degree was a qualifying factor for a job in my career, and thus it was a limiting factor when applying for jobs as it is for all other students, which is why many mortgages exempt new graduates. I’m just frustrated, I feel like I’m at a disadvantage for trying to advance my career 🙁

    Is there anything I can do to qualify sooner?


    Additionally, I was told other people have qualified this way with NACA on other blogs and was hoping to get more information on how to do this


    Update for those who may have the employment gap question like me: Turns out, everything was fine and they let me progress through the program without issue. I only had to provide an LOE and a copy of my university transcripts. Students, you don’t have to worry about set backs, just get that first year of work down!

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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