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    Well…Today should have been my closing date. According to my contract. Im not closing. And I can say its NOT Nacas fault. Its the sellers fault.
    I qualified on 8/23! YAYY! (Started program 9/2017)
    Signed Contract on 8/26
    Signed Bank App/Credit Access Approved 9/6
    Then comes the confusion:
    PROBLEM #1
    Seller promises to fix roof. Procrastinates and when they finally have it set to get repaired…now the roofer has disappeared to NC storm area.
    They decide to escrow the money instead. So they procrastinate on getting roof bid for almost 2 weeks. I get the bid myself. They dont like my bid and finally get their own. Mines was better.
    So we sign addendum agreeing to the escrow amounts.
    They try to push closing til end of October PLUS 5 days to move out.
    I send it back changing closing to 10/22 with 2 days to move out.
    Naca says NO! You must take possession day of closing.
    They finally send back the addendum signed for 10/22 closing with no additional days. This took a whole WEEK! Seller has had since AUGUST to start moving out. GET YOUR ISH AND GO!
    PROBLEM #2
    I have 2 car loans. Originally both should have been excluded from my DTI. Car loan 1 is my husbands, im co signer but he pays. They told us to submit his check stubs and bank statement proving he pays. I did so for several months. They still didnt remove it. Car loan 2 . my car. They told me to pay it under 10 payments and they would remove it. I did so. Sent bank stamped proof several times. Bank of America underwriter still hasnt removed it. My CC says we may be all good since they havent rejected the last response.

    10/8 Hand Specialist doesnt like roof bid.Feels like its too low and doesnt allow me wiggle room in case I have to find a new contractor. So they are adding 2k to my loan in case I need it on top of what the seller is giving me. I sign the forms and now Im HAND CLEAR!! FINALLY!

    10/8 MC tells me I originally had a Closing Disclosure released on 10/4 (I never knew) but now we need a new one because the loan amount has increased by 2k.

    10/9 CC SENDS: Change of Circumstance has been completed for new loan amount. File sent to lender for final review.
    All Conditions Addressed
    CC also sends me the closing disclosure which list a 10/12 date. I know this one is invalid so now I wait for the new disclosure. and hopefully no lender conditions.

    Down to the wire we are!

    How often to you still get conditions this late in the game?
    Has VOE and VOR been completed yet?


    Also my file changed from C&I Approved to N/A After Hand cleared me yesterday.


    @propertyvirgin one member had a condition on closing day. She was at the NACA office when she found out about it. You can continue to get conditions throughout the entire process. VOE and VOR should have been completed some time ago. Looks like the end is in sight for you! Descriptions like “N/A” and “Suspended” just mean that they are reviewing and working on your file. You’ll probably be seeing UW CTC soon.


    @jharris981 Oh ok. I know they did it for the Qualification. But I thought the bank did their own verification.
    I hope the conditions that come are simple things. Conditions scare me.


    @propertyvirgin…that’s great news!!! You are on your way to CTC. The last condition I received was on 9/26. Once that one was addressed I received my CTC shortly after. I received my CD on 10/5 and I’m set to close on 10/11.


    How many days were you at n/a status? @butterfly123
    Did you go from n/a to Ctc


    My status was N/A for 5 days. That included a Saturday and Sunday. I also believe it was due to my last condition which was rejected twice when Naca tried addressing it. On the 5th day we submitted a new addendum. The next morning my file changed to UW CTC. Then almost an hour and a half later it had changed to Ctc-final.


    I’m close to closing too! I’m actually a nervous wreck. My file says N/A now as of this morning. It was a C&I approved for the past 4 days. I cleared all conditions and hands have cleared my file. Hopefully I get CTC soon. My original closing (45 days) was Sept 21 them we added on 10 days which would of been October 1st. The seller was great and gave me an extension until October 15th but not sure if I will make it!


    @drakesdiving…yes it sounds like you will soon have your CTC. We all have the case of what @ttrumble would call the “Closing Crazies.” Lol When you’re in the mortgage process you find yourself checking your webfile like 30 times a day. Ha! We all just want to be proactive and have a smooth closing.


    Let’s keep up with each other to help each other stay calm! I think I check my webfile more than I check “Where’s My Refund” during tax season!
    I went to the lender for final review on Tuesday so I’m looking to hear something on Friday. Today makes day 47 I think. I signed contract 8/26.


    VOE just came through my job. HR says she just did one on 9/26 for me also(I didnt even know) So It looks like they are re running everything since the change of circumstance.
    Looks like they are actually working behind the scenes when our webfiles are sitting still.

    Will they do a verification of residence at this stage?


    @propertyvirgin I check my file all day every couple minutes, sad right? Today I have been frustrated because my file has been on N/A since yesterday morning and my CC isn’t responding to my emails now. I just want to make sure everything is ok because I only had an extension until Monday. Just respond and let me know if I need an extension or not. If I see CTC I will probably be there most happiest person on earth!


    Well looks like I’m not going anywhere as soon as I thought. My agent just told me tonight my file can’t budge until seller passs county inspection. He doesn’t feel he’s the most trustworthy. So hes against closing before confirming inspection has passed. Inspection day is next Wednesday then I have to wait on everything all over again. smh. I’m so tired and ready for this to be over.


    Me too! Got an email that our tentative closing date has changed to the 18th!


    My CC send the shortest emails. Today he told me my file is with Underwriter for final review. Whatever that means….

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