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    Firstly just want to say I love the NACA program and have always been recommending it to family and friends. Although few take the advice 🙁 I closed with NACA over 7 years ago. I recently got married and looking for a new place and specifically planning to move closer to my sister and somewhere more quiet. We are lucky enough to be able to afford a new home (although the Forbearance numbers are still not great). As I understood when I signed the contract, NACA puts a lien on my home as an enforcement so that I occupy the property and not use it as investment. I was wondering if the lien automatically expires after 5 years or if I need to ask explicitly ask for a release. We are planning to move to a location that is peaceful/quite but further away from available tech jobs and I work in the tech industry. My current employer has allowed me to work from home on a permanent basis. But my concern is that nothing is really ever permanent and should I lose my current job, it might be harder to find another remote job. We have planned everything with plenty of buffer for any unforeseen circumstances and would prefer to keep our current property(condo) as backup. Specifically for the case if I have to move back to find a job. And honestly the current mortgage on it is too good to sell. So while I did purchase the property with every intention on permanently living in it, changes occur after 7 years. What are the next steps in my situation? Do I even need to do anything? Thank you in advance.


    Hello gonacago,

    The lien NACA places on the home to enforce the owner occupancy requirement lasts as long as you have the NACA loan. You will need to specifically request a lien release if you wish to sell the home.

    Simply email with your request and they will walk you through the process.

    Tim Trumble
    Online Operations, NACA


    Thank you for the information Tim!

    I will send the email.


    What is the process? How long did it take? How long before they answer the email? Then is it a letter or a lot of documents first to fill out?

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