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    This is one of my conditions to meet before becoming qualified:
    “Document volunteer activity(s) or participation performed.”
    I initially thought this meant I needed to submit the “Participation Pledge and Commitment” which I submitted twice. But now that I am rereading this, does this mean I need to show I am volunteering anywhere?


    Under normal circumstances you need to volunteer before you can be qualified. You can’t just volunteer anywhere. You need to volunteer at a naca event. Each event will have naca representatives with sign in sheets who will not only keep track of your attendance and tally up your hours afterward but, they will also make sure you stay for the entire amount of time you signed up for. You need 5 credits per year and each credit is 5 hours of volunteering. Volunteering a workshop gets you 1 credit. Volunteering at an ATD event gets you a minimum of 1 and possibly up to 5 credits at once. Other opportunities include attending naca rallies and doing “warm” calls to members and other administrative duties at the local office. Sometimes volunteers are given extra credit opportunities.

    Since there are currently no in-person events or meetings until a vaccine and members are not allowed in the offices if the offices are even open in some areas I was under the impression volunteering was suspended until further notice.

    You need to reach out to your MC and your local office administrator to find out if there are any volunteer opportunities for you and what you should do about this condition.


    We received a qualification condition for participation yesterday. My husband and I have to complete one activity each prior to qualification.

    The office director confirmed that we aren’t allowed in the office at this time. Due to the current climate, he has agreed to accept a screenshot of a social media post.

    Ask your MC if you’re allowed to promote NACA on your social media profile.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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