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    @lyndzie3407 I hear the frustration in your voice but you have to believe that you will get the keys to your home very soon. NACA program in and of itself has not been easy for any of us. Don’t give up and keep the faith. I as well as everyone else on this forum live to hear the good news of someone getting there homes. Trust the process, pray for patience and hang in there! its going to happen for you!


    @2BLESSED I don’t believe ANYTHING im told anymore. Its been a process full of non-information and the little tidbits I DO get, are lies. “we won’t wait 72 hours for a response because the file is escalated.” Well I guess that’s partially true. Not only do I have to wait the full 72 hours, but LONGER. When I have no information, all I can do is simply try to make sense of it on my own. My file has gone backwards from Underwriting Clear to Close, they are asking for the SAME information over and over again, and every time they ask for it, it takes another week for them to even look at the file again. Then because they’ve taken so long–they need new paycheck stubs so that holds it up even LONGER–its a vicious cycle. BoA is simply putting off my loan because im buying down all the way and why would they be eager to lend money to someone they’re not going to make much money on? This crap should be illegal. Its absolutely ridiculous, and it’s the entire reason NACA sued them in the first place. BS lending practices. They do this hoping that your seller won’t put up with this nonsense and back out and then they shrug it off like its nothing–and NACA loans service low-moderate income people so who is going to hire a lawyer to claim they’re being unfair and biased and discriminatory?! ITS MY ENTIRE LIFE! MY FUTURE. money I’ve worked SO hard and saved and invested what I thought was WISELY. This process has been a straight nightmare. I do not trust this process at all. The ONLY reason my sellers are still hanging around is because they’re genuinely nice people and I wrote them a letter telling them about myself, my family, hopes and dreams and my love for their home. But even their patience is wearing thin. I couldn’t even fault them for backing out at this point. this is ABSOLUTELY UNACCEPTABLE. end of story.

Viewing 2 posts - 16 through 17 (of 17 total)
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