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    Are crypto currencies allowed to buy down a potential house price?


    Interesting question, but my guess is not quite.

    I believe all MRF and buy down funds have to be in a liquid account, so savings, checking, money market, etc.


    My crypto currencies are quite liquid. I can transfer them the same day to my bank account… is that still a no?


    Hello legrindem,

    Peapod 0609 is correct. All funds must be liquid US funds. Crypto-currencies are not accepted.

    Tim Trumble
    Online Operations, NACA


    Nice to know, thanks


    Sell what you will need for the deal to cash early.


    Crypto is interesting, but it still is new for a lot of people. So I think the answer is “no”. That’s why I use crypto rarely. I prefer regular currencies instead of it. Right now I’m earning money trading on Forex using Investous forex, instead of mining crypto. I have a little mining station, but I don’t use it in general. Because Forex trading is much more interesting and it can bring a lot of money which can be used for buying or selling different stuff, including cars and houses.

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    I’m just really wondering if trading really works and is it possible to really make money on it


    I love Forex. Forex is almost my only way of earning money and I was lucky that I learned to earn money there in time. I studied myself and helped my friends, and how I helped them I will tell you. I advised my friend Forex and on the first day of earning on this site he lost $ 15 xD. I laughed a lot at this and explained to him what was wrong to do so and to fix the situation I advised the site, which gives advice and help for beginners who want to make money on Forex.

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Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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