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    I put in an offer on a new build which is set to close on May 22nd. I uploaded P&S last week accepted loan estimate and haven’t heard anything since.

    It’s about to be 10 days on the 21st which I read is how long it should take for bank application to be submitted. I haven’t even heard from MC in regards to credit access. Status still says housing search on webfile.

    I’ve been calling the office and no word. I’m nervous and dont know if I should just wait or keep calling?


    With an existing house 10 days is how long you have to submit your inspection report. I know the process is a little different for new builds but, 10 days is awfully short. In reality you are looking at 3-4 weeks between P&S and bank app in most cases.

    Credit access is exactly like qualification so it may take 2 or more weeks to get all the conditions taken care of and it may take a week or so to get a credit access appointment. It took me 23 days from submitting the P&S to get credit credit access approved. There was about 3 or 4 days of negotiating before I submitted it (which doesn’t count). The bank app stage took me 29 days (52 days P&S to close). I know for you it will be different but, just to give you an idea it took 11 days from the bank app to even receive conditions and then 9 days after the conditions were addressed to receive a CTC.


    Keep trying to get information. Send emails, as well. That is usually more reliable than calling your MC. Also try calling Member Services.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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