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    Just wanted to come on and prepare those who are soon to be in the credit access process. I am in the credit access process. I had 3 conditions which I was happy about. One of them was that I did not have my phone number on my “extended fraud alert” on my credit report. I never asked for fraud alert to be placed on my credit report but come to find out, if you were a part of that credit bureau fraud breech that took place over the summer (I think), you got it automatically. The kicker is, to remove the fraud alert, you have to mail things in and I just was not doing that. To add your phone number was easy but the proof needed is ONLY mailed to you and that takes 7 to 10 business days. =(

    So please check and see if you have fraud alert on your credit report. It should show on your report that NACA has pulled. If you have it, be sure to call equifax and add your info and they report it to the other bureaus.

    I feel a bit aggravated to have to wait for them to mail me something and for the fact that this is actually a condition being that NACA has access to my report. It makes no sense to me… @ttrumble is there any other way around this delay?


    I had an alert put on my reports and when NACA couldnt access my reports. I called to have them removed and I told them to remove them permanently but of course it was experian how gave me trouble. They told me to go online to remove but when I tried they had some information on my file that actually belonged to my mom! We dont even have the same last name. When I say I gave them hell. After I got done with them I had the stupid alert removed and got an apology from the supervisor. I removed those alerts months ago. They also wanted me to send in documents as verification and wait at least a week for confirmation. I didnt have time for this. When it was all said and done the CSR was asking me to verify my idenity and was trying to ask if I was associated to anyone but kept saying I was incorrect the drama!!!


    @Tara585 oh lawwwd!!! Was this a condition for you during credit access? The part is crazy is that NACA was able to access my report regardless of this alert. I have the latest copy of my report. That is the annoying part


    Oh, wow. That really sucks.

    Unfortunately, I don’t think NACA can push you through any faster. I think you’re going to have to hash this out with the credit bureaus. I am sure any other lender would have a similar issue when it comes to something like this. It seems @Tara585 escalated the issue and got them to remove it, maybe try doing the same, explain that you’re applying for a mortgage and time is of the essence? It’s worth a shot, the worst they can say is no!


    My understanding of the fraud alert is that you are locking your info down so only you can access it. Which means unfortunately you have to play by the credit bureaus’ rules. This is a good tip though @NewYorkSpirit. Naca should take note and advise new members that this will occur.


    @nelsont yes, all members should be advised. I’m just praying that I get the letter soon. They gave me a confirmation number and I wrote a LOE providing the number but I’m sure they wont accept it. I uploaded it any way. lol

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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