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    I recently used my credit card to make some small purchases. I am making on-time payments, and have stopped using it since then. Will this affect my qualification?


    Nope. Just make sure you don’t change your spending habits. Pay your card balance in full if possible. Don’t use the credit card as a way to spend more unless you are faced with an unexpected bill.

    Just a side note naca does not discourage credit cards. They discourage using it for frivolous purchases Like if a fancy new tv went on sale and you don’t have $1000 in your bank account.

    Unrelated to naca using credit cards builds credit history, can increase your credit score, are more secure than debit cards and push the financial liability over to the issuing bank instead of the card holder in the invent of fraudulent charges. Just be smart about your usage.


    From what I gather from my MC, the trick is to pay the balance off well before the due date, so that your monthly statement shows a 0 balance.

    I made the mistake of going on to autopay, which meant that I could show a balance due on my monthly statement. Now, I log on to my account beforehand, and make a payment manually, so as to show a 0 balance due.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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