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    I am at such a loss and just down right confused at this point! My closing date has been pushed back 3 times now! I have the bank approval and the CD from the bank but can not get the “clear to close” to save my life. At this point the seller of the property has moved out of the house and because my contract with my apartment was up at the beginning of October, I was only able to get them to push my move out date until 10/25/20 because they have the apartment rented to someone who signed a contract. I am now with my two children in an extended stay hotel that I had to pay $500 for the week. My next closing is setup for this coming Wednesday but my file has not moved, still has conditions on it that have been addressed, and my mortgage counselor is off on Mondays. It Dosent appear the closing is going to happen again. The sellers agent is saying if we can not close this week the only way they will be able to stay in the deal is for me to pay per Demi (which is not NACA approved) or put more earnest money up. The sellers agent has lost faith that NACA is able to close the loan at this point, and honestly I’m starting to also. I can not believe I’m in a situation where my two children and I are living in an “extended stay hotel” and not sure we will be able to get the house that we put a contract on roughly 65 days ago 🙁 if anyone can offer any suggestions, I would greatly appreciate it. Lord knows I have not been able to sleep, have spent so much money paying extra rent at the apartment for October since I was not under contract, had to get two storage units and now this… the extended stay hotel!


    Reach out to your employer. Between the cd and the clear to close bank of America will call your employer for a voice verification of employment. A voicemail or email or return call is not sufficient unless you specifically communicate this to the underwriter with the name of the person who will be responding. Basically if you’re employer doesn’t answer the phone your closing can be delayed. Not saying this is the case but possible.

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