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    I received a notice today from the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau that I had filed a complaint. When I called to say that I hadn’t, they said yes, that they had one on file that had been put there on my behalf by NACA. I told them that I wanted to withdraw the complaint.

    I really have a problem with what you did. I’ve been out of your system for some period of time and was able to resolve my issues on my own. You should have requested my permission to do so and to send the government my personal information. Also, you have wasted my time and more importantly, the time of a new agency that has a lot to do for people who really need the help.


    Hello sunnyalter,

    The complaints we forwarded to the CFPB were all homeowners who applied for the Independent Foreclsoure Review process and whose applications were not accepted for the IFR. As such, I have no idea how one was filed on your behalf without your knowledge or consent as you claim.

    As for the CFPB having a lot to do for people who really need their help, you are absolutely right. The problem is that they haven’t been doing it.

    Since their inception, the CFPB has done litle more than create a lot of new regulations rather than help the taxpayers who are funding them. This is precisely why we have submitted the unaccepted applications to the CFPB so they can in fact focus on people who need help instead of playing regulatory games with the banks.

    We are happy that you were able to get your issues resolved and apologize for the confusion.

    Tim Trumble
    Online Operations, NACA

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