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    Good morning. I was wondering if I have to sign my commitment letter and fax it or do I just upload it to my file?

    Also, on the commitment letter I see under “STATUS” outstanding but I only have 3 lender conditions. Do I have to submit these things that say outstanding again or is this just what everyone gets?


    Was this emailed to you or sent you in the mail as part of a larger packet? – Larger packet: No. For NACA members this larger packet is a duplicate and redundant.

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    @nelsont This was emailed to me in my webfile attached to my commitment letter. So do I need to sign this one?


    If you received an email you should also have a link in that email to click on. This will ask if you acknowledge and accept the terms of the loan. This is what you need to “sign”. This is also what prompts BOA to order the appraisal.


    @NewYorkSpirit I do not think you need to sign the commitment letter. I had mine in my webfile, and we never signed it. You could call the mortgage department to confirm, but the only thing that I was ever asked to sign and return after the bank app was the closing disclosure, which you should get later on in the process.

    Also, do not worry about what the commitment letter says is outstanding. Check the date on the letter itself, sometimes it is kind of old. I did not get mine until like 10 days after the letter was dated, and all of the conditions had since been addressed. Sometimes it lists internal conditions as well, for NACA/BOA to take care of.


    Im interested to hear what Mortgage Processing says.

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    @nelsont my appraisal was already done so that could be why I did not get a email. I can’t confirm it though.

    my letter is dated 12/03 but I will call the mortgage dept to confirm.


    It is always a good idea to get in contact with the mortgage department if you’re unsure about anything! They can confirm if the conditions are taken care of or not and what to do with the commitment letter. There is most likely in my opinion no action needed on your part, but it is always good to confirm. I did that at many steps in the process, just getting confirmation that I didn’t have to do anything each time something changed.


    I called them and they said I don’t have to sign it.

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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