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    Originally I was supposed to close on 7/2 but was stuck in the credit access stage. I kept receiving two or three conditions at a time every view days because my realtor hadn’t filled a form out right, my MC hadn’t filled a form out right, or they needed something they already had or updated from me. On 7/1 my MC escalated my file and I was finally approved for bank submittal.

    On 7/6 my status changed from Initial Review to Pend Incomplete and I received five or six conditions, all were addressed within the hour and I received confirmation from my MC that my file was sent back to BOA.

    Since then I have received no updates, my MC has received no responses from BOA, he escalated my file in their queue this evening but my close date is 7/27.

    My concern is that we will not close on time which will leave me out of several thousand dollars (the sellers required extra earnest money since we had to extend the close date by 25 days) and my fiancé and I will have nowhere to go since we notified our apartment complex we would be leaving.

    Can anyone with experience let me know if I’m being irrational and this won’t be an issue and I should close on time just fine, or am I right to be concerned and what should I do?


    You are not being irrational but at the same time your seller doesn’t understand you won’t be denied as long as your financial picture remains the same.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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