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    @Southflorida CONGRATS!!!!! So happy that you closed!!!!!

    Thanks so much for abundance of information Tim!! Reviewed by P&S and it looks like my fees are being paid by the builder so hopefully I don’t run into the same problem.


    Congratulations @SouthFlorida!!! We’re so happy for you and thank you for ALL THE information you’ve shared with us!! Enjoy your new home 🙂


    @pearl609 @tryingthisagain thank you for your words. I will post a summary of my whole NACA journey when I get a chance.

    For whoever reads this, if you are doing New Construction, the builder fee or any government, city or county fee that the builder is passing on to you won’t be paid by the lender as part of the closing costs that they cover with the NACA program. For example, impact fees or water and sewer meter hook up fees.

    Also, try to request a good faith estimate of the cash that you will need at the closing so you don’t get surprises with the Closing Disclosure 3 days before closing.

    I have to thank Tim for getting Steve (the title company attorney) to fight for me and getting the Impact fees waived. Otherwise I would not have been able to close. I can’t thank them enough.


    @southflorida @TTrumble
    I just found out about the $12,000 builder fees as well. My agent was only able to negotiate 5k for closing since we aren’t using their lender

Viewing 4 posts - 16 through 19 (of 19 total)
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